[SPOILERS] Questions about Flynn/Aasi

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[SPOILERS] Questions about Flynn/Aasi

#1 Post by bazzkot » Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:05 pm

I'm just curious about a couple of moments in the story.

At first, why does Aasi not try to get to Flynn again after he refuses to go hang out with her to the club for the first time? After all, she thinks that he is rich from New York and can be very useful to her.

Secondly, in the beginning she thought Flynn from a wealthy family. Then, when Flynn started having problems, she found a job for him. But why, because she could check whether he could find the money and whether he really is a rich guy?

Thirdly, I guess someone in hostel had to notice or find out how Aasi earns and how she gets expensive things. Why didn't anyone (not including Brandon) warn Finn about this?

(There is another question, why Aasi didn't leave Finn when she found out that he was not from a wealthy family but here everything is more and less clear).

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Re: [SPOILERS] Questions about Flynn/Aasi

#2 Post by MillaMaxwell » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:03 pm

I think Aasi didn't keep trying because she was offended that he wasn't into her enough to immediately agree to whatever she wanted to do. During Aasi's romantic route, it's pretty clear that the way she uses people wouldn't really work if her boyfriend wasn't super into her. And in both of her endings, she taunts Flynn before he leaves and actually seems genuinely surprised that he's not bothered by this in the neutral ending, so I think she REALLY likes having the upper hand in relationships, even after the relationship has ended. I don't think she would even know how to approach a relationship that wasn't so one-sided, so it makes sense that she wouldn't keep trying to get him to hang out with her since that would be outside her comfort zone.

As for the job, I think that at that point, she probably wasn't interested in Flynn anymore, but either couldn't quite figure out how to get rid of him or figured he might still be useful later. Plus, if she thought his family was wealthy, she might have just assumed that he didn't want to tell them about the money problems because he was embarrassed, but would still be eventually going home to riches. There are a lot of possibilities, but I guess it really comes down to the fact that she didn't need to burn that bridge just yet.

And for the final question, I just assumed that they mostly don't talk about each other too much. Ji Hyo and Mark mostly keep to themselves. Peggy's got too many clubs and activities on her own plate to pay attention to other people's personal lives and I think she was pretty new to the hostel too. Angelo's code of chivalry seems like it would stop him from speaking badly of a woman to another guy, at least in enough depth to be a proper warning. Given his own background, I really can't see Danny prying into other people's personal lives. And Ashley's too nice to warn Malia about Brendon, who she had firsthand experience with, so she certainly wouldn't be warning anyone about mere theories about Aasi.

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