[spoilers] Is anyone else angry that your friends never apologise?

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[spoilers] Is anyone else angry that your friends never apologise?

#1 Post by Hoosha » Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:28 pm

For [ blaming you and jumping to conclusions without giving you a chance to explain? It really irked me that they were all so willing to believe that the MC was the thief and wouldn't give her a chance to explain. Then even when the real culprit confesses your 'friends' never apologise for the mean things they said to you or for not giving you a chance or for making you jump through a bunch of holes to stop being unfairly disrespected.
I don't like how the MC is so willing to take everything laying down. I'd never forgive my 'friends' if they did that to me. I can at least semi-forgive Aasi because she's a ****ed up person and admitted to being one from the beginning. I never expected anything less from her. But the way my 'friends' reacted just felt like a betrayal. And then the MC just goes on with her life like ^-^ la-de-da what wonderful friends I have. Goddd the 'friends' just make me want to yell at them.

:/ Does anyone else feel the same way as me?

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Re: [spoilers] Is anyone else angry that your friends never apologise?

#2 Post by MillaMaxwell » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:29 pm

Yes, actually, this annoyed the crap out of me on my first playthrough. It's really frustrating on a lot of routes, but especially on Peggy's, where she talks about the PC behind their back and says some pretty mean things but then the PC just forgives her and don't seem really bothered that their love interest would treat them that way without even asking for their side of the story. A lot of the characters who know about the rival being a jerk to the PC seem really unreasonable too, like when Ashley won't hear Flynn's side of the story even though she's seen firsthand how awful Brendon is to him and should not consider the "he framed me!" explanation to be too farfetched at all.

Some other routes are actually pretty decent about it, having the love interest either trust the PC from the start or apologize soon after the initial shock wears away, so it stopped really bugging me after a few playthroughs. But you're right that the friends (when they aren't love interests) are all pretty mean about it and should at least apologize at some point. I wouldn't want to be friends with them again if something like this happened in real life, but Malia and Flynn are also way more passive/forgiving than I am anyway so I guess that's why.

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Re: [spoilers] Is anyone else angry that your friends never apologise?

#3 Post by CPTpurrfect » Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:15 pm

Actually refunded the game for this reason, as the writing went from "kinda ok, nothing special" to "absolute dogshite" basically in the instant James questioned you about the stolen money. Sure I went for Peggy which made it worse as she turns out to be a total bitch and the MC turns out to be "Most Likely To End Up In A Toxic Relationship" in the yearbook, but even if I look at other characters - Ashley in particular. Remember when she was nearly robbed and when you told her "they wanted to mug you" and she goes full batshit crazy on you? REMEMBER THAT? BECAUSE THE WRITER SURE DIDN'T.

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