Yogscast Sips did a LLTQ Let's Play

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Yogscast Sips did a LLTQ Let's Play

#1 Post by Muse » Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:20 am

Hello Everyone!

I thought people might like to know (and sorry if it has been posted here before, but I haven't seen it), but Sips of the Yogscast (a well known guild and group that does a bunch of let's plays, game demos, etc) has done one of his Evening With Sips (aka mini Let's Plays) of Long Live the Queen! He's one of my favorite Yogscast members, I find him hilarious, and he said he enjoyed the game!

Here is the video url. (Warning: Sips does use quite vulgar language at times, so the audio is definitely nsfw.)

I hope this boosts sales of Long Live the Queen and gives the game some great publicity!

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