[Forever Untitled] Cute Knight Fanfiction

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[Forever Untitled] Cute Knight Fanfiction

#1 Post by AnnabellaThrax » Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:05 pm

I've been wanting to write some cute knight fan fiction for a while, and I finally got round to it.
So just as an intro; There are four chapters "Eighteen" "Nineteen" Twenty" and "Twenty-One"... For each year that we follow Michiko's story. Each Chapter has several parts - the first two of which are posted here.

I had intended to finish a full chapter before posting, but I think I'll procrastinate less when someone starts reading.
Feel free to give Constructive Criticism.
I'll warn you now that in future there may be kissy kissy, but not much more :)
And in these parts, I should really say there's not much plot so do bear with me xD



She’d told herself that once she left, it would be a case of never looking back. She’d told herself she’d wipe the slate clean of the forgotten birthdays, the chores, the cruel adults, and most importantly the shattered dreams that someday someone would find her, and love her and whisk her away.
Though, as she breaks the gated barrier between the orphanage and the world outside, she stops still. The realisation that she's stepping into a new realm beyond the comfort of her refuge - a realm entirely unknown to her - begins to set in. Perhaps the orphanage wasn’t so bad.
Cursing the movement she rests her chin upon her left shoulder, gazing back at the brick building. Framed in the stained oak doorway familiar figures stand, watching her go. Matron, a tall fragile woman, every fibre of her being likened to a twig, looks on with a habitual empty stare painting her expression. She’d always been unchangeable, but still entirely strict. Some people can do more with actions than they ever could with words.
Behind Matron bright glistening eyes and cherubic faces make an appearance, with silent waves and happy faces, blissfully naïve. Our hero tries to force a smile, but instead her lips twist into a scrunched thin line unable to shade her sadness.
A child who she’d been particularly close to, a petite little redhead by the name of Kaiya with freckled skin and a toothy smile, takes a deep breath in,
“Bye Michiko!â€
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#2 Post by phoenixgirl » Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:51 pm

Ooohh this is an interesting twist on the Cute Knight story. I didn't expect the fairy godmother to have an attitude. :wink:
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