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A visual novel in which a first date goes terribly wrong, leading to a mystery which must be solved before you vanish forever...

Who is your favorite character in Date Warp?

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#31 Post by TrubbleBubble » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:02 pm

Even though I voted for Rafael as my favorite, I'd really have to say Rafael and Linds were pretty much completely equal in my heart when it comes down to it. Everyone else kinda lagged behind those two by a fair amount.

I mean, they're pretty much the two that embody the types of boys that I absolutely ADORE in these sorts of games: the ones that are sweet, innocent, sensitive, very pretty, and would be willing to do practically anything for those they care for (like Rafael), and the ones that wear glasses, are clever, snarky, highly intelligent, and under it all really do have a heart (like Linds, but he just also happens to be a pervert xD).

Though, I think a lot of my blatant favortism of them wouldn't exist if one was in the game but not the other, or if they didn't share the back story that they have together. From my interpretation, them loving each other (whether it is, as Janet so eloquently puts it in the game, that kind of love or not is up to each person's opinion) adds more to both of them as characters. If it wasn't for Rafael, we wouldn't even be able to tell that Linds has a heart at all. And if it wasn't for Linds, everything Rafael would want do to help others would just involve sacrificing himself in some way, not wanting to help the other person change for the better.

Plus, I can't help but enjoy shounen-ai undertones. >.>

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#32 Post by Vanille » Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:26 pm

lill_sweetty wrote:I agree. All the endings seemed incomplete. There was less text than I was used to, no ending CGs, and very little mention of the romance, which was very disappointing, because I worked HARD to get her with Nathaniel, and there was literally one line: "Janet dedicated her life to lifting the darkness around Nathaniel. In time, she would succeed."

Something like that.

And obviously, my favorite character is Nathaniel! He's so sweet, and his conflict was sincere and naive - the distance between idealism and realism. I was sad that in both endings, he never had to deal with who his girlfriend REALLY was... Anyway, it also helped that his character design was obviously the best.

After that is of course Linds (ROLF) and Rafael, who aren't usually my type but their reincarnations this time was great. Again though, I felt there was a lack of depth. Interesting questions were raised and never explored. But at least with these 3 there was promise and a bit of delivery.

No more was this more evident than in Bradley and Alben, who were both my "usual type" but whom I felt no connection with this time around. Bradley, who has the interesting role of "outsider" in the equation and capable of unraveling the loop , was just kind of bland. Alben came across as pathetic and a poser.
Yeah, Nathaniel was my favourite since the beggining and the best looking one along with Alben.
I love the sweet polite type with sad secret. I cant express how disapointed I was with his endings x.x
Not even a hug, nothing.. Does she really have not even one slight chance?.. I mean c'mon Bianca dumped him. And he was just lonely, he needed someone, anyone.. And he clearly cares about her less than Alben.
I wish the romances between the characters would have been better developed. All of them were so... Ionno.... without passion..
So short.. rushed even.

And I thought I would love Alben, but it turns out he was an asshole.
I cant stand him, seriously, I have to chose options that are nothing like my personality to get him.
Being mad at him will get the kiss scene?... what kind of person is he?..
In rl situations, If I saw someone about to cry I would NEVER get mad at them...
O_o And his description of his ideal woman made me...just be like.. whut?
I seriously got a bit freaked out there xD
And being so selfish to the point he'll kill Bradley because of his sister that might not even survive, I wanted to punch him so hard for killing Bradley, seriously.
He needs anger management.
He seemed like a decent person sometimes. Even playfull and really sensitive. But him killing Bradley just made me hate him for real.

Linds...I really dont know what I think of him. I dont really like pervs, so Im kinda neutral about him. Besides I dont like the intelectual types with glasses. I did get touched on Rafaels bad ending though when he called him his angel. Thats probably the part of the game that made me like him the most. Because it showed he actually cared for Rafael.

Rafael.... is a sweety, one of my favourites definitly. And being someone religious myself. I quite loved his personality. xD
The way he is so selfless and gratefull and takes care of Linds even though he loves him and Linds will just sleep with anyone that asks.
That is really admirable for me.

And finally Bradley, I didnt really like him at first, but it turned out he's a sweetheart and will do whatever he can to protect his girl. =]
I found his story to be the one with most romance. So I liked it the most.

My top:
- Bradley/ Rafael ( tied)
- Nathaniel ( because his ends were too rushed without any romance ._. but he could have been such a great one )
-Linds/ Alben ( because I dont really care for Linds, dont dislike him.. just...dont care, and Alben, cause even though I kinda hate him, he still has a soft side, wich would make him one of my favs if he showed it more often, because guys who can draw, are artistic, sensitive and misterious are definitly one of my favourite types, he just kinda ruined everything by being such a jerk that cant control his damn temper )

D= The end.....( SORRYYY ITS SO LONG I KNOW >< )

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#33 Post by Vanille » Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:29 pm

Also this game could DEFINITLY use more CGs ._.

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#34 Post by ahmed_great2005 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:17 pm

Definitely Bradley.2nd Janet.3rd Linds.4th Alben.5th Nathenial & 6th Rafael.

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#35 Post by Elze » Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:30 pm

I bought the game and finished it within the day! It was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. <3

I'm actually kind of surprised by the popularity ratings. I can sort of understand why people will choose Alben since he's the typical tsundere, but I wasn't expecting to see Linds the second favorite. Personally, I really like Linds' personality and backstory, plus I have a soft spot for glasses guys. But I felt that through out the whole game, he isn't romantically interested in Janet. Even in his good ending, there's not much romance involved and I think Rafael will always be closer to him than Janet can ever be. That's why I'm kinda surprised that he'd be so much more popular as compared to Rafael, who was so sweet and attached to Janet.

My personal preference:
Bradley, Rafael, Linds, Nathaniel, Alben.

I know Alben has the attractive tsundere quality but all the sparkle about his pale skin keeps making me compare him to Cullens. orz;; While he's cute, he strikes me as being childish and well.. a little of a poser. & his stance in not continuing art just so he won't be considered "gay" just made me feel that he was gayer than Cullens. He was going to take the second last position since I didn't like Nathaniel's endings, but when he killed Bradley just so his sister might live, he immediately sank to the bottom of my list.

Character preference aside, I like the routes and backstories for all the guys except Nathaniel. Which is a pity, because I found him quite attractive at the start. It just feels like his personality was too bland and he never really got to know Janet(or wanted to anyway). I didn't even like his good ending because after all Janet has done to get into his good books, there isn't even any particularly romantic end. :(

I really like Rafael, so he's actually closely tied with Bradley. I felt that he needed more love though, so I voted for him. C: I mean, weren't his endings the sweetest?[/u]

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#36 Post by Meimi132 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:54 pm

I'm still torn I think XD Alben's adorable, and I do seem to like tsundere in guys haha, but Bradley too... then again, he's tsundere too... Rafael is adorable in a fey sort of way, not sure how I feel bout Nathanial... Alben is probably my favourite, so he gets my vote XD

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#37 Post by Steffie027 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:04 am

I just played this game within the week, and I'm surprised that I finished all 11 endings in 8 hours (within 2 days of playing)!

I went with what I would naturally choose first and I got Bradley ending where they both gave a little of their soul. Alben next (cause I got curious why he acts that way), then Linds to see if I can unravel the mystery, then Rafael and last Nathaniel (I wondered with Alben's ending saying about one has to die that Nathaniel welcomed Janet and Bradley knowing this could happen, I wondered if it was a mask with all the nicey nicey, cause generally all the people that appear too nice at first in my experience in life always seem manipulative and has a hidden alternative in the end)

While I understood Alben and Linds being protective of Bianca cause they think Janet and Bradley are spies, something until now really knocks me off Nathaniel's too much kindness..

I picked Bradley cause he's a balance of everyone.. Mentioned above, Alben's emo, Linds is a little crazy (and hard to trust, you give yourself to him and you die), Nathaniel (imho, has a good mask) is way too kind, and I actually like Rafael last (I was exactly like him when I was younger) I kind of find his character too bland.

Anyway, I really had fun playing and I enjoyed playing all characters, specially Alben and Linds, but for a real life boyfriend, Bradley seems the best :)

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#38 Post by eruhi » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:00 am

Linds. ;D

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#39 Post by Benazir » Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:29 pm

My vote for Bradley, because I really like cute athletic guys and .... he's from Janet's universe. :kiss:
Then: 2.Rafael - beautiful, innocent and kind boy. 3.Linds ... yes, he's sexy he's clever!

Alben's not for me at all (I hate bad-boy type of men).

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#40 Post by Schizoid » Tue Jun 07, 2011 9:11 am

Linds is definately my type of guy. ^_^ He's flirty, intelligent, and opinionated. Thought he might come off as a jerk at times, you can tell that there is more to him than he lets on. It's so cute how he saved Rafael! <3 Teehee~

Speaking of Rafael, I have to admit that he is my second-favorite in the game. My bestie was watching me play today, and she said that he was absolutely 'rapable'. I found that statement to be...oddly true. x3

In all, my rankings are: Linds, Rafael, Bradley, Alben, Nathanial.

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#41 Post by andraliba » Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:25 pm

My favourite character is Janet, then comes Linds and Bradley.
I really liked Janet and Linds because their dialoge was so fun to read :D
And I liked Bradley because...I don't know why, actually XD
Well I found Rafael to be really adorable, but sometimes kinda too much.

As for Alben and Nathaniel, I found them kinda bland...Tough, I did like their looks :P

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#42 Post by Badcopter » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:51 am

Bradley, Alben and Linds are pretty much tied as favorites for me.

Bradley was my first choice and I basically tried to get the good ending for him/the world before I completed the game, which I realized after a couple tries was impossible. I like redheaded characters and I like earnest, hotblooded characters, so those traits hand-in-hand made for ultra-appeal even if jocks aren't my type. I liked his planning and dedication in finding his sister, and the rivalry/understanding he had with Alben throughout the game.

I had the opposite reaction to Alben's appearance from most people in this thread, the dark brooding possibly-controlling guy cliche initially made me roll my eyes at him. He won me over because he didn't want some simpering girl who'd back down and act submissive towards him, which is a nice change from the usual for his shoujo manga/otome game archetype. Hearing about how he had to keep up a macho facade in order to not be seen as 'fey' got my sympathies, and was probably one of my favorite scenes in the game. His good end completed his character arc nicely.

Linds was a creeper at first, third choice initially solely because of how uninteresting Rafael and Nathaniel looked in comparison, but I liked his intelligence, crazyface, hedonistic leanings and his interestingly self-destructive tendencies. His mutual dependence on Rafael was interesting and probably my favorite bit of backstory; Rafael's bad end made perfect sense in how Linds just couldn't go on without him. He was hands-down the most complex character, and the one I could most relate to. Plus hey, transcending humanity!

Rafael's purity, pious nature, and background made him more interesting than I thought he'd be initially, but he was pretty much a foil to Linds. His bad end was one of my favorite endings (because of its effect on Linds).

To me Nathaniel was the boring one, far more so than Bradley. He was a gentleman and his maturity when Janet tried to reveal Bianca's past was striking, but his endings weren't that interesting. Admittedly, he and Rafael were tied for least-my-type.

Janet was a good protagonist, even if she struck me as shallow or condescending at certain points. She actually reminded me of someone I knew in college from a similar background, and while I couldn't quite relate to her, she felt much more developed than most main otome-game characters. I also wish that she looked as old as the other characters, because her art looked both ridiculously underage and as if it were drawn by a different artist. If I had to rank her, I'd say below Bradley/Alben/Linds and above Rafael/Nathaniel.

So, tl;dr: Bradley = Alben = Linds > Janet > Rafael/Nathaniel. I seriously would not be able to choose between the top three, they all have equally appealing points.

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#43 Post by wowchic97 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 7:31 pm

Linds and Alben are tied for me~

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#44 Post by alyssa_robinson » Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:26 pm

Ended up with Rafael and I dont mind.He's cute ^_^

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#45 Post by cursebreaker » Fri Nov 25, 2011 7:55 am

Alben and Lind, if I had to choose, its Lind. He's simply awesome :D

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