William and Damien (SPOILERS!)

Female protagonist, in the hall for adventurous girls.
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#1 Post by Sal Wal » Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:42 am

Late reply: I found five pieces of info on Damien and William:
1. ask about Damien when William is playing with a ball
2. Damien tells you about William when he takes you to the Glen
3. ask about Damien when William is playing with paper airplanes
4. ask about William when you're on a romantic date at the lake with Damien
5. William talks about what happened between them after Damien takes your soul
That's all of it right?

Also, when you decide to go to the Glen with Damien the 'next week', but go to detention with Donald instead, the week after this (Saturday November 23), Damien comes to your room with Isobel and she says:
"No seas capullo, Damien. It's too early for this."
What does this mean?

When you choose to date Damien, but get married to Grabby the next day, he comes up to you the day after that (January 26: "A Puzzling Reaction") but before you can explain anything, he somehow knows: "Someone has claimed the prize already." How did this happen? He obviously didn't see the marriage, and if it was some kind of magic, the other students would've realised too without Minnie spreading the news, right?

In Damien's past relationships, was he trying to take everyone's soul? And how does the plan about "a demon, raised in secret, without a demon's weaknesses", needing to collect a witch's soul, work?

One other thing, you know the save slots, it's great that they seem to be endless - due to my excessive amount of replaying, I'm up to my 211th one! :D but the 'shortcuts' for the pages of slots are only from 1 - 8. When I open my slots on later pages, I have to click the next button however many times required. It would be nice if there are 'shortcuts' for the later pages of slots (you know, like how it works in Google and stuff with the page numbers moving across).

And by the way, the game is amazing! The story is interesting (having the different paths interrelated and crossing is just awesome), the art is absolutely beautiful (love how you can design your own character, but would like more CGs), the music is great (the different songs are very fitting) and Damien is so awesome! Looking forward to the sequel ^^

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#2 Post by hanako » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:10 pm

Some of that I can't answer because potential spoilers for later games. :)

As for what Isobel says - if I got the Spanish right, she's basically asking Damien to stop being a jerk. Rudely.

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William and Damien? *SPOILERS*

#3 Post by GodaimeTsunade » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:38 pm

After my PC was almost killed by Damien she's comforted by William. William tells her his story with Damien that got me confused. Was William in love with Damien? Because when my PC says "I thought he loved me..." William replies with "I did too." Sorry for troubling you all about this, just this had me confused and it's bugging me.

I know Damien manipulated William into a fight which transferred him to Wolves, but did Damien intend to steal William's sole, like he did with my PC? These questions have been buzzing through my mind the whole 5 times I've played this game. Magical Diary = my Anti-drug. <3

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#4 Post by hanako » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:42 pm

Merging somewhat-related topics to make the discussion easier to find.

I can't specifically answer questions about William and Damien - more information will come out in the Wolf Hall game - but the scenes mentioned in the first post are a starting point.

There's also some Damien/William interaction during Initiation if you try to introduce Damien to Ellen at the party (with slightly different versions depending on whether or not Ellen got in trouble for the letter).

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