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Gengo Tales

#1 Post by Jaime » Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:38 am

Hi, I'm Jaime García Marsá, and I am from Spain. So I want to apologize in advance for the mistakes I may have writing in english.

I'm developing an online game to learn languages through interactive stories:

I'm sorry but in this moment is not working in Internet Explorer (it will work in the next version of the browser, IE9), because it uses HTML5 + SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). In this case, I recomend to use Firefox.

In the plot you take the role of a character that arrives to a unknown land. You do not know the language, so the challenge is to learn it at the same time you search for your place in this world. You aren't supoused to understand every thing. The only important thing is to advance in the story.

In this moment there are only two scenes/exercises, but I hope to continue adding others soon as I can.

I also want to colaborate with other people, and encourage you to use this kind of technologies (SVG, HTML) to build games online. Is not so difficult (the source code of my game can be downloaded and edited with the notepad), and it will make games more accesible.

I hope you like these ideas and I can participate here with you, because even if this is the first time I write in the forum, I know this site from time ago, and I share your interest for this kind of games and its development.

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