Favorite pairing for Christina? (SPOILERS)

Hints, favorite characters, and general discussion of the adventure game Fatal Hearts.

Who's your favorite pairing for Christina?

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#31 Post by Calixte9 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:00 am

I don't want to start an argument, but when I played it didn't seem to me like he was forcing her to be his wife, especially when I read the letter. I have gotten all the endings and none of them really made him seem that bad.
And vampire bats are creatures of the night who drink blood and although there is some superstition surrounding them, I don't think on a general basis they're referred to as 'evil'. I'm reading 'Interview With The Vampire' now and they don't seem evil in that book. :?

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#32 Post by emichan » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:14 am

maybe it's because he was willing to take katie or anyone else who was supposed to be his 'bride' so his romance with christina feels less special?

or maybe it's just because you dont meet him until later in the game so people are more likely to get ideas about the other characters first :)

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#33 Post by phoenixgirl » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:19 am


Well, it probably depends on how people perceive the game and vampires in general. On the game standpoint, with the Foretold ending at least, it seemed to me like Christina was almost (and I use the word "almost") forced to become Bastian's bride, although to be fair, there were other forces which played into that. On the vampire aspect, it's more likely the stereotype of vampires. Images such as darkness, blood, etc., aren't usually associated with good so perhaps that has something to do with it.
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#34 Post by Calixte9 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:22 am

Well, I suppose your right. Maybe I just like him because I'm weird but when I saw that picture of him crying with Kirsten's body and said "I will search for you a thousand years' (Or what ever it was) I was like "Oh my gosh! What a unfortunate depressed man, I shall force Christina to marry him so he won't be like that anymore". I suppose I have a soft spot for males who's girlfriend/ wife died.

The reason I don't really think the other characters are suitable for her because I don't think, personally, they were as well developed. Jeremy seemed selfish and disloyal; wanting you Christina so he himself could be powerful (Though this might not really be what he is like). Randy seemed a bit to immature for Christina (No offense to any Randy X Christina fans) and maybe a little too care free. Tim seemed too much like a control freak(No offense once again) and perhaps jumps to conclusion a bit much and Lucy, (I have nothing against homosexuals by the way) she seemed a little too mischievous and perhaps they're relationship wouldn't be very stable.

Sorry for talking so much, I'll just shut up now.

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#35 Post by BlackSwan » Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:20 pm

Personally, I liked the Tim/Christina pairing. Well, that's probably because Tim is like me in so many ways, what with the mood swings and loyalty. He just cares so much about his friends he actually starts yelling. What happened with his dad earned him a few points too. When they kissed, I was like "THAT IS SOOO CUTE!!!!" and drooled at the picture in the gallery.

Lucy would need to be my second choice. She obviously cares alot for Christina.

Randy, I like the guy, but not as in romance ways. He seems a bit...a dunno...childish and too trusting. I wouldnt mind being friends with him though.

Bastian I'm pretty neutral about. He just loves Kirsten so much, but I'm kinda against the whole "I'll make you my wife just because I think you're my former lover." Seems a bit....clingy.

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#36 Post by phoenixgirl » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:35 am

Yeah, I totally agree about the whole clingy part. It did seem to me that Katie just suddenly became attached to Bastian like that. Although I understand that he was her one hope to be saved, Katie could have approached the situation in a stronger manner.
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#37 Post by lill_sweetty » Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:12 pm

@Phoenixgirl-*high five* I'm so happy someone agrees with me on Katie. I mean, I guess it's natural for Bastian because he loved Kirsten enough to wait for 200 yrs, and to be happy at any thought that one could be his bride. But Katie's MODERN, and she doesn't know Bastian at all! *rolls eyes*

@Claixte9-A Bastian lover! *another high five* You're not weird. The werewolves endings, they're "telling of the story" really skewed it towards their ending, and you never really got to understand Bastian at all. Really, it's the CULT that killed in his name. Bastian was really only searching for his bride, and he was willing to let Christina go if she disliked him. He's kind. It's almost sort of like the way the werewolves treat Bastian is like the way Bastian treated the vampire that was in love with him. Tragic and sort of convoluted karma.

As to why he's not popular, I think it's because:

A) He's not young and "hot", per say, though if you look at the pic of him and Christina kissing....*melt*
B) He appears late and by that time, there are already misconceptions about the past, especially if you played the werewolves' endings first. Plus, you like other characters beforehand.

To really "get" him, you have to piece together the past. And I think it's really sweet how he searches for Kirsten for so many years, but IS willing to let his hope go because he knows now to respect others' opinions and wishes after Kirsten's death. It's just....I just dislike his belief that Kirsten will live again. Because I think he should just let it go because Christina and Katie aren't REALLY Kirsten (only Katie believes she is. *bleh*). But, you know, Christina is more like Kirsten and both of them say they are not the same as before (and they're not.) Their love can still grow outside of the "fated love" that was Sebastian and Kirsten.
maybe it's because he was willing to take katie or anyone else who was supposed to be his 'bride' so his romance with christina feels less special?
Depends on your perspective. If Christina is the "real" Kirsten, than their love has been fated for 200 yrs. Same with Katie. It IS bad that he accepts anyone, but this guy's just desperate for his love. He really needs someone who can love him, show him the way, make him fall in love with her, and then tell him to let go of Kirsten, as she's dead. Katie can't do that. Only Christina can. She fulfills all that and is also not vampire-prejudiced (very rare). So I think Christina's love with Bastian is actually very special.

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#38 Post by faery_vampire43 » Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:32 pm

I USED to like Jeremy, until I found out he was a murderer!

Anyways, its a close call between Tim and Randy, but I like Randy better 'cause he doesn't yell at me :(

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#39 Post by secret » Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:26 am

Tim; because he's so hot. xD Jeremy used to be appealing to me until I found out he was a murderer.

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#40 Post by sayuri » Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:14 am

First I want to say I just finished the game for the first time. I got Blood Rejection (which I'm pretty sure is a failure :cry:). It was intense, my heart is still pounding! I really liked Jeremy for a while. I stopped liking him after he seemed really, I dunno, agressive. By that time it was too late though and I was already being thrown into the mansion :roll:. After reading these posts though I want to hang with the wolves 8). By the way who the hell is Katie? :P

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#41 Post by sairsi » Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:33 pm

AHHH! I like them all x.x lol.

No...Randy is probably my favorite, although Lucy isn't far behind (lawlz! that's awesome when she confesses). And then Jeremy. If Bastian were hawter, than it'd be him all the way, but alas...he has a beard ;D

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#42 Post by Esphirisa » Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:47 pm

Aw, man! Such close calls. I'd have to say Tim. Loyal, sharp, and to tip it off, reasonable mood swings!
Though Randy is adorable and Bastian has his reasons to be how he is. Let's just say everyone has their own good points. :wink:

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#43 Post by KyraNessa » Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:52 pm

Bastian...definitly xD

I mean... he searched for her for centuries.. Wanted to apologize and even gave her the choice wether to stay with him or be free.. XD

He's just a hopeless romantic that wants to fix the mistakes he made. =(

He's a gentleman.
He truly loves her.
He's romantic.
He will do anything for her.

Besides, if he shaved that beard he'd be incredibly hot >;P ( he's not old peops!!!! he just has silver hair, he's a vampire therefore does not age )


Hated Tim ( sorry!!! ) D= ... sorry but he kinda annoyed me????
Always yelling and being bossy, jumping to conclusions.
>_< sorry.. but.. Oh God
And that ending crossfire or something ( cant remenber well ) ...
Well, those who saw it... take ur conclusions -_-
He's a jerk..

Randy.. he's nice... but kinda mmm XD .... Ionno..
Depends what ending ure trying to get...
like, on some he can be quite a jerk sometimes???
but on that katie ending he was quite sweet.

Still... =( Gives me the feeling he could like explode at any time.
or not be carefull with her feelings, cause he's a bit .. like... not carefull??
a bit airheaded wich is cute, but sometimes .. mm.. Ionno..

But yeah he's quite nice XD

I liked him to be honest LMAO
A hypocrit, without a doubt, but he was such a gentleman.
if he could treat her well as he did before u get the ending with him.
I guess she could live a nice romance.. exept for the whole "wanting to be powerfull and immortal" thing o_o; LMAO, if that doesnt get to his head..
I guess she'll be fine XD
It was quite cute, the whole teaching magic thing. and giving her rides, being polite to her mother etc xD...
If it wasnt for the vampire thing, he'd be such a nice guy, it's quite a shame...

Lucy.. =o
She's a bit spoiled XD....
and a liiiiiiiiiiil bit...
selfish and jealous... XDDD
but... overall she's quite nice, bought her the necklace..
Wanted Christina to keep her company, they are best friends and all..
That would be a cute relationship.
Lucy could bring Christina a bit more out of her shell?... ( cause I dont know if Im the only one noticing... Christina is quite introverted.. like, shy and doesnt have many friends..doesnt go to parties etc )
and Christina can calm Lucy down and kinda take care of her..


but yeah my final choice is Bastian Bastian Bastian!!!! <3 He's the best!
sweet guy for a sweet girl.

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#44 Post by .X.TwiliPrincess.X. » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:00 am

Huh....Very tough decision. I seemed to like all of the pairings with her. Well, except Bastian. I do not like facial hair. The only thing I seemed to like was how he did all these acts and waited years and years just to be with the love of his life. Romantic, well, if you take out all the killings. Randy, I have to to agree, is ADORABLE. Tim is cute too and he has a lot of spunk. I <3 spunk. Jeremy was my first decision, even though I suspected he was the one killing everyone from the start. xD Oh, the fact that Lucy was a LESBIAN was AWESOME. :shock: Being bisexual I loved that fact and hope to see more. I do love straight pairings, but homosexual pairings would be lovely to see more often.

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#45 Post by Muse » Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:09 am

I love Lucy! I can't say I know all about her in my first play-through, but as soon as I saw the hints she was dropping... I just had to try.

XD Either way I love her. It just seems so.... honest. Like how a friend in real life would confess to you.

Major credit and kudos for putting in a girlxgirl pairing, in a game that isn't just designed to be "yuri". I love games with options!

My ONLY objection is how I can't say "I love Lucy" without thinking of the show... :lol:

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