Sin using cheats

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Sin using cheats

#1 Post by Lunaraia » Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:43 pm

As many of you know you cannot use the global.sins= X tommand to change your sin permanently, it just jumps back, however you CAN change it until the area updates (new day, new map or new total HP/MP) so until one of those happen you acually HAVE the sin you entered, how I know? simple I managed to get the conqueror ending and the Paladin ending on the same save by simply first manipulating my sin then immidietly manipulating my age -^_^-

Also after further testing, using this you could change the kind of painting "Al" paints of you

EDITED by Hanako: There are cases where this won't work, because some of the 'sin' checks are checking something else. People who want to fool around using cheat codes should be advised that sometimes weird things WILL happen. This isn't a bug, it's what you get for trying to break the game. :P

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