Science Girls - A brief guide to the Characters

A fast-paced, light-hearted RPG where schoolgirls save the world from aliens.

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Science Girls - A brief guide to the Characters

#1 Post by isabel » Wed Jul 08, 2009 2:32 am

Hypnotise - Makes an enemy sleep for a few turns, wakes up if attacked
Affirmation - A buff which increases accuracy and protects against some damage, high SP costs at higher levels.
Psycho-Analysis - A finisher with low SP cost but high damage
Self-Doubt - A low SP debuff which lowers target's accuracy, not very effective

You are the psychology representative and are have some useful skills. Low on food? Leave one enemy and keeps hypnotising it, then buy yourself time to regain SP. It doesn't work on bosses, of course. Affirmation is a high cost buff which is weaker than Heather's Egg Cage, but when stacked together, can make a character untouchable (with Engulf as an exception), but having Affirmation all over the front row is simply unaffordable. Psycho-Analysis is a cheap and strong finisher, and it has a special effect in the final battle, while Self-Doubt is not as good as the only debuff in game, even though it has a low SP cost.

First Aid - Single target heal, massive amount at higher levels
Nerve Pinch - Powerful single target attack with a small chance of stun
Hamstring - A relatively weak finisher, its SP cost is too high
Adrenaline - A high cost party heal with low effects, the upgrades almost double its SP cost

Jennifer is the Biology representative, she is one of your most important character due to her abilities in both offensive and defensive ways. First Aid alone is worth keeping her in the front row, while Nerve Pinch can do a lot of damage. She will suffer from SP shortage soon after she reaches level 6, where her third and fourth skills kick in, which both drains so much SP but are less effective than the first two skills. Her finisher is quite inaccurate too, so she is quite difficult to level relatively.

Lightning - Deadly single target skill, causes massive electric damage
Fireball - Deadly multi-target skill with extremely high SP cost
Big Bang - The only multi-target finisher, always deplete SP but very powerful
Inertia - Deals heavy damage to two targets, but if one evades, the skill does almost no damage

Nicole is the Physics representative, and the main damage dealer in the game. Her lightning is the best damage output in early game and fireball is the only high damage multi-target skill before you get Andrea. When Big Bang is obtained she is even more powerful, as a multi-target finisher, she can gain XP much more quickly than any other characters, and thus reaching a higher level than the others. Her fireball at higher levels costs so much that Big Bang is simply better than it. Nicole is a must-have in the front row.

Better Slingshot - Multi-target "almost no damage" skill
Egg Cage - Excellent protection to one party member
Ballista - Single target finisher
Exponential Explosion - Damage skill which becomes 2 times more powerful each time you use it

Heather is the Engineer representative, she is a supporter more than attackers. Slingshot is useful for clearing seeds and mirrors, as well as freeing engulfed members. Egg Cage is crucial for boss fights, a high level cage can protect your characters so well that in the final boss fight no one takes more than 5 damage. The two remaining skills are not really special, while EE may look powerful, but is rarely used as it SP cost is rather high and rarely a battle will last that long. Ballista as a finisher, is okay since it has relatively low SP cost.

Risk Analysis - Analyze enemies to lower their accuracy and reveal their stats
Spam - Inconsistent single target damage skill
Delete - Single target finisher
Data Transfer - Drains target HP to self, the effect is weak

Missy is the Computer representative, she has a wide array of weaker skills. Risk Analysis is only useful for knowing your enemies' HP to plan which girl to use finisher. Spam is useless as the damage is too low and too random. Delete is okay for a finisher as its SP cost is low, while Date Transfer drains too little to be effective. Not recommended to be in the front row.

Poison - Poison an enemy
Stink Bomb - Multi-target skill, rather high SP cost
Acid Strip- Single target finisher, extra damage to "base" enemies
Grenade - Much like another Stink Bomb, with less consistency and SP cost

Andrea is the Chemistry representative, she has some average skills. Poison is a very weak skill as it does little damage over time, while Stink Bomb really shines when you first got Andrea, since it is a rather damaging multi-target skill, but it high SP cost sets it back for a bit. Grenade is another multi-target skill, which alway do damage when it misses, but not really better than Stink Bomb. The finisher is another average one. Not a crucial character at all.

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#2 Post by Indalecio » Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:38 am

I found Self-Doubt useful for the final battle. Not because of its impact as a debuff, but because it discolors the enemy, and is useful for telling which of the dozen enemies onscreen you're currently focusing on.

Otherwise, the guide is pretty much spot on.

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#3 Post by FantasiaWHT » Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:43 pm

I have to disagree with poison being weak. It's extremely useful at high levels because it's basically a way for a 4th girl to damage every turn! Since I don't use Andrea for anything else, it's great to have her cast a poison on the first turn of a boss fight, which will last long enough for the other characters to get all their buffs/debuffs on. Then you can call her up again 6 or 7 turns later to recast poison

Another good point - even when it's weak, it has a great advantage. You spend a lot of time in this game defending over and over again to use phalanx to recover SP. It's great to have poison working in the background while you do this.

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