Science Girls! (Ren'Py)

So, you want to be a game maker? It might be easier than you think! Come here and see...
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Science Girls! (Ren'Py)

#1 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:40 am

It's been half an hour since the end-of-school bell rang, and the halls have gone quiet. The only people still on campus are teachers wrapping up work and students with extracurricular activities.

As President of the Science Club, it's my job to get to the classroom first and make sure everything is ready for our meeting. The other girls have been out saying goodbye to their friends or working on their own projects.

Jennifer arrives first. She represents the science of Biology. She's also the Vice-President of the club, and tends to be bossy.

Jennifer asks, "Why are you wearing that mask?"
I say, "It's an experiment."
Jennifer responds, "Oh. Right."
My science, of course, is Psychology. I have to keep them on their toes.
Jennifer says, "Andrea's getting snacks. And I saw Heather downstairs, I think she was playing a video game."
I say, "I'm sure everyone will be here soon..."

Suddenly, from outside, we hear the sound of screams, like a pack of overexcited fans rushing a rock star.

jennifer looks scared. "What's going on?"

We peer out of the window to see...

What looks like an oversized rosebush has seized hold of Ms. Bullfinch's hair. I've heard her shriek in math class, but never like that.

Jennifer shouts, "Look, one of them's got Mr. Breyer's toupee!"

... And thus begins the invasion. What are these plantlike monsters? What do they want? And how can they be stopped?

The first level is playable (We're busy working on the next), and there's a public alpha available from
Alpha testers using unusual systems or low-resource systems are particularly desired; it runs on Linux (x86), MacOS X 10.4+, and Windows.

Edit: This game has been picked up for distribution by Hanako Games! Science Girls Preview page is here, testers are still welcome.

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#2 Post by WodashGSJ » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:55 pm

First impressions based on a couple of playthroughs.

The presentation is pretty good.

Combat is very random. I never died, though. But in two different attempts at the end battle, with the same characters (main +accuracy, healer +evade), I had one near-wipe and one cakewalk.

The "Defend" command is useless until you have some way of healing.

I wish you could click on the monsters' icons to select them as a target as well as their name.

I tend to feel more involved with a character once I've customised them a bit. Consider giving out the first level-up early, straight after the first battle. This would have the advantage of making defense a tactical option sometimes.

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