1.2.32 beta

Solve mysteries by ordering your Student Council minions into investigations. A schoolgirl noir RPG-style adventure!
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1.2.32 beta

#1 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:05 am

Crash fixes:
If an investigation target somehow got placed in play without a case attached, it would crash when you tried to select it. That crash has been fixed. Caseless cards WILL still crash on most actions, and have a new 'Report Bug' option that allows you to force a crash that comes with the save attached (so I can get more information about the underlying crash.), or to delete the target. If you have a caseless target, generally, successfully repeating whatever action was supposed to add it to the case will re-add it to the correct case.

Assorted 'case is not defined' crashes in the steam tunnels case when gossipping with girls who'd originally come from Phantom of the Opera cases fixed.

Other fixes:
The school library's image is back.
A few grammar errors fixed.
A stray save warning silenced.
One of the missing-items cases (the variant where the victim is framing someone) tweaked a little.
Logging for one of the halloween cases (the one with the sparkly goth) should be clearer.
The Halloweeen case where girls are modifying their biochemical makeup may now work in custom-minion mode, and will log when mysteriously absent girls return.

(The Steam version is and the direct patch is 1.2.32 because I added a bunch of comments before preparing the build; this shouldn't change actual gameplay.)

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