I have no real idea where to start.

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I have no real idea where to start.

#1 Post by silentheartsong » Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:19 pm

So basically, I think I want to do something similar to Hanako Games. At the moment I am a one-woman operation, and I want to get into game development. I plan on starting out with text-based games and then eventually looking into working with some more art-minded people and working on full visual novels.

The problem is, I have absolutely no idea where to start. I have Ren'Py downloaded and am learning its workings currently, and I have some outline notes and beginning drafts going for a project or two. But I don't know all the practical steps I need to take to get going. I know I'll have to make a website, probably figure out stuff relating to game distribution.... But truthfully, I've never done anything like this before, and I'm not sure where exactly yo start.

Do you have any tips for me, o great Hanako Games?

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Re: I have no real idea where to start.

#2 Post by Amphigorey » Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:25 pm

If you want to make text-based games now and only add art later, I'd check out Inform 7, Twine, or Choice of Games instead of Ren'Py, since I think most people expect art when they play a Ren'Py game. Choice of Games will also host your game and split the profits with you if you send it in to them and they approve it, which could be a good first step.

If you want to make a Ren'Py game, I'd check out what free art resources are available to you and plan around those. Otherwise, I'd say start at the beginning and just make the game before you worry about anything else.

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