Just played it, some thoughts.

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Just played it, some thoughts.

#1 Post by Tombolo » Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:23 am

I got this game for the summer sale, slammed through it, and am still processing it so I guess I feel the need to throw out a bunch of random thoughts! I guess this could be spoilery?

-I wanted nothing to do with Damien, but I think I sorta wound up on his path anyway just by giving him too many second chances. I was annoyed at the time, but looking back on it, I'm actually a bit impressed by the storytelling. I felt downright hostile towards him and he still managed to manipulate me to an extent!

-I don't know WHY I assumed I couldn't date Ellen but now that I've poked around the yearbook I'm a bit sad I didn't try. She was easily my favorite character out of the ones I actually managed to interact with, but I guess I'm just used to being forced to be straight in VN's. The lecture on pronouns probably should've been a tipoff that this game was more open-minded! That said, I feel like her friendship ending actually worked pretty well.

-...That said, I was expecting the conspiracy plotline to develop farther than it did. I was waiting for Ellen to get caught and create some really heartbreaking scenario given her family situation.

-I had no idea I could romance Grabbiner but that is absolutely what I am going to do if/when I replay.

-There were a lot of minor (at least in my playthrough?) characters I really wanted to know about. (Big Steve, Minnie, Suki, Pastel, the really quiet kid who ran for office) I'm hoping we get more of them in the sequel that seems to be planned!

-The yearbook was a cute touch, good call.

-It took me a long time to really feel any sort of connection with any of the characters, but then Ellen got really interesting right towards the end. It makes me wonder how many other characters do that!

-I didn't realize the same folks made this and Long Live the Queen. Good game, that, even though I can't get past the first death. It also leaves even less doubt in my mind that Princess Maker was an influence on both, which is a plus in my book. I guess I outta check out Cute Knight now.

-I saw in another topic that Hanako had her reasons for it, but it still disappointed me a little to have chorale and drama brought up as things my character could join and dismissed without giving me the option. I would have liked very much to join, so it felt a bit like a bait and switch.

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