Dissecting Peasant Approval - SPOILERS

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Dissecting Peasant Approval - SPOILERS

#1 Post by Hazel » Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:46 am

Once again, my fail!queen has failed to inspire an insurrection. I'm starting to get frustrated, so I'm trying to dig deeper into the tipping point between causing a popular revolution, vs. merely entering a 24/7 D/s relationship with your maid.

[*]Giving a poor showing at the week 16 festival definitely loses the most approval of any option that week. [/*]
[*]Mistreating Alice also helps, which requires either low elegance/reflexes, or high enough court manners/intrigue (or is it specifically internal affairs?). [/*]
[*]Ixion outcome may affect cruelty, but doesn't seem to affect commoner approval. [/*]
[*]In general, commoners care less about you casually starting wars than one might think. [/*]
[*]They're not too pleased about the kraken, though. [/*]
[*]Sacrificing Lottie? [/*]
[*]General Lumen-related shenanigans, like trying to execute the dude who murdered his wife. [/*]
[*]Not certain whether blowing up Kevan lowers approval more than skipping the tournament completely. [/*]
[*]Creeping shade? [/*]
[*]Raising taxes, although if your accounting skill is high, the loss of approval is small. [/*]
[*]Not sure about the woman who tried to kill Corisande. On the one hand, she had a valid point. Executing her could be seen as rewarding the bad behavior of nobles, if Hyacinthe's crimes are widely known and/or rumored. [/*]
[*]Not sure about Elath. Pissing off Talarist and disrupting trade might do it. [/*]

In general, I pursue a strategy of singing, dancing and schmoozing, which pleases the nobility but not the common people. I know I've gotten revolutions before, but I can't seem to recreate them reliably.

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Re: Dissecting Peasant Approval - SPOILERS

#2 Post by Darksilverhawk » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:55 pm

As far as I can tell from experience, starting a war with Ixion doesn't seem to drop approval, but surrendering the territory does. Pissing off Talarist and causing him to start any trouble on that border will also piss them off. Either raising the Kraken or killing Togami and letting his soldiers become bandits will also both hurt approval. I'm still not entirely sure how much sacrificing Lottie and/or trying to execute the rogue lumen will hurt commoner approval; I think that's factoring more into lumen approval. Letting him bust out of prison and letting the other prisoners out seems to hurt it, though.

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Re: Dissecting Peasant Approval - SPOILERS

#3 Post by SET » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:42 pm

Not knowing that Sedna is in a foreign country is bad for commoner approval, too. But I have no idea how they even figured that out. You probably have a rat in your court, who tells whole world about all of your blunders every night at the pub. Personally, I'm suspecting Alice. How else would they figure out Alice-abuse? So at least she probably deserves it.

Also, everything that adds ruffians (criminals, PoWs, ...) to your army, because this is during a time where the army was also partially used as police.

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