How to Date a 'Good Boy' in Ten Days-entry complete

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How to Date a 'Good Boy' in Ten Days-entry complete

#1 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:40 am

Hmm, what to say, what to say...Well, this is a pretty long fan-fic for the summer romance contest. XD I haven't played the game before but I have played the demo a bunch of times. ^^

:) Phoenixgirl, I really owe much of the credit too since she gave me enough details to write this story in the first place. Thanks, phoenix! :)

Anyhoo, I like writing--A LOT. This is my third fan-fiction ever, so I hope you enjoy this story. Beware: There are a lot of SPOILERS.
[Instructions] It's a long story, but readers don't feel like you have to read 'everything.' You can read as many entries as you like as you'll find out.

“How to Date a ‘Good Boy’ in Ten Dates”

I’m so excited! There’s only ten days before school begins—again--and Randy has promised me that we’ll go on dates for each day until then. He’s so sweet! I feel fortunate to have someone so wonderful in my life like him.
Finally! I, Christina Robinson, have a boyfriend! Well… maybe…We haven’t yet confirmed it, but I’m hoping he’ll ask me by the start of the school year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Ever since I woke up—thankfully dream-free--I’ve been sitting in the kitchen waiting for the phone to ring.
“Don’t worry, honey.” Mom walked in as my hand hovered over the receiver. “He’ll call. I left you some pancakes in the microwave. Got to go. Time for work! Have a good time, Christina, on-your-daaate,” she sang the last bit on the way out in an annoying motherly voice of hers.
“Okay, mom; thanks,” I said; my mind was more worried about other things besides food.

Well, today, Randy is supposed to call me, like he has been for the last few weeks. But this is different, and everything might be different in a matter of days…

Lucy and I have been talking about him ever since that horrible night with the vampire. She’s convinced that we were meant to be. To be honest, I can’t believe I ever thought he was a mall creep when we ran into him and Tim all those weeks ago. Lucky for me, he’s turned out to be a good sweet guy and someone I can truly care about...He’s my rescuer, after all.

Lucy teased me for turning bright red when he came to visit for one last swim at her pool for the summer last Saturday. I told her that I wasn’t blushing, that it was sunburn. She rolled her eyes at me and swam to the other end…I put on some more sunscreen. Luckily, Randy didn’t hear us, otherwise I really would have been blushing.


Yes! The phone is ringing!
I take one big breath before answering.
“Hello? Ran--” I stop short of saying “Randy.” What if it’s Aunt Madge or Lucy, who would definitely have something else to tease me about? Who needs that?
Though…part of me is fearful that it is not Randy, that it’s him calling me...
“Hey, Christina, are you ready? I’m outside,” Randy says, cheerful. “I’ve got your morning paper for you if you want it. Hmm…Weather looks good. Maybe there’s some good movie we can catch, you think?”
“Just a sec…I’m ready--Um, I’ll be at the front door in just a…” I lie and hang up the phone and rush to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

Great. The mirror is foggy from the shower. So I wipe a spot quick so I can check my make up and untameable violet hair in the mirror. For a second, I admire the reflection. To think, if I were a vampire I would never be able to see my reflection. Weird…
After a “quick” assessment of looks, I dash to the door, knowing it had taken me longer than I had said.
“There you are! I was wondering if you were going to let me in,” Randy said smiling and shakes his head.
He’s sitting on the front porch reading the paper. Then he clumsily sets down the paper to get up, and gives me light hug. As I look over his shoulder, was it me, or 'is the paper covered in drool??' I asked myself, but remember that the sprinklers were just on. It is morning, and mom says it’s the best time to water the lawn.
“I was just getting my bag,” I say smiling back at him as I really rush in to get my bag and hurry out.
“Rigghhht…” he says smoothly.
I return rapidly, not wanting to waste anymore time of our date, and we walk down to the sidewalk.
“So, where are we going out to for our date?” I ask.
“Oooh, I have a few ideas in mind, Chris. I want you to choose for us…

(1) Let’s go to the Beach
(2) A Picnic at the Park
(3) Help Someone
(4) Watch a Movie
(5) Go to a Yard Sale
(6) Visit the Library
(7) Hang Out with Lucy
(8 ) Watch the Sunset and the Moonrise
(9) Eat Out
(10) Have a Regular Date at the Mall and then a Walk Home (...sort of...)

[Directions: scroll down to desired date]
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#2 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:42 am

(1) Let's go to the Beach

So, I decide that we should go to the beach. I haven’t been there in soooo long.

Randy’s hair shimmered a wild blonde in the light, as he ran ahead of me and splashed into the water.
I’ve never seen him so lively and excited about a place so blah and plain like the beach. I guess some of us act different in these places...

After coming out of the water, he immediately pulled off his wet blue shirt and spread his arms in the air and began spinning like he had just been set free in the wild or something. The site of his muscles made me blush, so I put on a pair of sunglasses to look less obvious.
I soon followed him though, getting down to my swimsuit, and rushed over to play in the sand and waves with him.
The water was refreshing but cold, so we sat on the sand.
We build a sandcastle next, since I insisted that he build one for me. After pails and pails of watery sand, we ended up with a castle that was crumbling all over and beyond repair.
We laughed then gave up all together. There was no point in saving it.

After that, we walked along the foamy edges of the water looking for sea shells. We couldn’t find any, so Randy began digging into the sand to find some of them for me.
But, to my surprise, I had never seen anyone dig so passionately before. Soon enough, he had dug a whole deep enough for him to fit in. Just like that! Really, a guy that big had mastered digging holes!
He dared me to get in. I said “no” and went back to sunbathing. He threw in a few sea rocks and sticks and then covered the sand hole up just as quick as he made it and came over to sunbathe with me.

Hours went by on the beach until it was time for me to go home. He offered to take me home, but there was still light out.
It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy at the beach. I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her about our date.
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#3 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:43 am

(2) A Picnic at the Park

I know what you’re thinking: Picnic? Nothing could be so dull and unpredictable like a picnic.
Lucy laughed when I told her that I had agreed to go on a picnic with Randy. Then I said ‘how about a museum with cursed mummies and tombs? Your parents can join us,’ I said, kidding, of course. Though now I regret the last part considering all that has happened recently with her parent’s involvement with the dark ones. I’ll have to make it up to her later somehow... Right now, I just want to enjoy a nice normal date with Randy.
He kindly prepared the picnic food for us. He’s even brought a red checker board blanket and basket, just like you see in movies or on TV.

After we ate our deli sandwiches, Randy went over to the basket and pulled out a Frisbee.
“You throw it and I catch, Christina. I want to practice catching,” he said rather eagerly.
So I threw and he would catch it, catching the Frisbee perfectly every time, to my utter amazement. Even my bad throws, which were plenty, he managed to summersault in the air and catch them! Wow! Then he’d retrieve it to me for me to hurl at him again and again.

Hours went by in the park like this until my arms were too tired to toss the Frisbee anymore.

Afterwards, we rested on the grass and watched the clouds float by and change into random and odd shapes.
“That one looks like a stake, don’t you think?” I said to him when a sharp looking cloud rested near the ruby horizon. Of course, these vampire things were always on my mind lately, so I couldn’t help to think the cloud looked like one.
“Nah. I think it looks like…like a bone. Yeah, there—look! You just aren’t looking at it the right way,” he said as he outlined it with his index finger. I guess it sort of looked like both, but then it broke off into small clouds and that was the end of our silly discussion.

We fell pleasantly silent until it was time me to go home. He offered to take me home, but we weren’t very far from my house; it was only a few blocks away. So we went home separately.

Wow, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy at our picnic. I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her about our date.
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#4 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:43 am

(3) Help Someone

When he suggested the idea I was quick to agree, so long as it didn’t involve vampires. He laughed, but I could tell that’s what he had had in mind.
No vampire hunts for me, though!

Anyway, we took the bus downtown and waited around in the late afternoon to see if anyone needed our assistance.

Things were pretty boring, but we got to spend lots of time together. We had talked for hours and shared a sundae together from the local ice cream shop.
Only once did a blind man need help crossing the street. I watched Randy thoughtfully do the job; one of his favorite pass times he told me.
It made my heart shrink: I had never really helped anybody before.
Did I mention he is sweet??

As the street lights came on downtown, Randy wrapped his hand around mine and we strolled on the streets, still secretly patrolling the area.
All of a sudden, I saw a boy with round glasses, shaggy hair, and unusual clothing, walking aimlessly in a dark alley nearby. He carried a large cage with him that was half his size. I tugged on Randy’s hand and we both went to see if we could help.
“Can we help you?” I said, wondering if it was the right thing to say. He obviously did need help.
“I lost my bird!” the boy cried in what sounded like a British accent--maybe.
“Bird?" I said, really confused. I looked over at Randy who was unreadable.
“My owl!” the boy said all whiny now.
“Owl? Maybe you should go home kid and call a shrink,” I said, now sure I wasn’t saying anything right.
“Little boy, you wouldn’t happen to attend a special school for wizards?”
“Why yes…I do,” the boy said reluctantly, unsure if he could trust us. He brushed his forehead with the back of his hand when I noticed a scratch or scar of some kind... I hope he hadn't fallen and hurt himself. Poor boy...
“I can find your owl,” Randy said as he pulled out a snowy white feather from the side of the kid’s birdcage.
Randy, to my utter disgust, took a whiff of the nasty feather. Like a bloodhound, he marched off somewhere into the dark alley. When he returned, Randy held an owl securely in the palm of his hands. The owl pecked viciously picking his hands. I squealed!
“Thank you, sir. That was bloody brilliant!” the boy hollered happily as Randy shoved the bird into the cage.
“Uhh… So how are you getting home, kid?” I asked. After all, we couldn’t just leave him here, but Randy grabbed my hand again and we turned away.
“Don’t worry, Christina. He’ll be okay,” Randy assured me before yelling behind him: “Be sure to say hi to my great uncle, kid; he's a teacher there. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about...”
“Yes, I do--I will, certainly!” I heard the boy shout and just like that he was gone.
“It’s getting late. We’ll miss our buses,” Randy said quickly as we rushed to the bus stop.

Two buses where waiting at the stop: one which would take me home, and one which would take Randy to his home. He offered to ride along with me,anyway, but I said I would be fine.

It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while helping other people out. Even strange little boys with birds...I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her about our date.
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#5 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:54 am

(4) Watch a Movie

We decided to stay at my house and watch a movie. I made the popcorn and let Randy decide on the movie, so long as it didn’t involve creatures of the night *cough* vampires *cough*.

Normally, scary movies are okay with me. Horror movies are ‘supposed’ to be date kind of movies (you know how the girl gets scared and the guy puts his arm around her for comfort yada-yada), but it was too early to be watching that kind of flick. I think Randy understands why…

I came back into the room. He had looked through all the DVDs on the shelf beside the flatscreen.
“Have you found one you want to watch?” I asked and kneeled beside him. He shook his head.
“No offense but all your movies, well…blow.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!” I said, coming off a little too mad.
“That isn’t what I mean. I...” he corrected quickly. “I guess we like different movies, is all.”
“So what kind of movies do you like anyway? Mine are not really girlie or dramatic,” I said, grabbing DVD after DVD of action movies frantically. Guys normally like all these I like. Surely we had one favorite movie in common? Anyone else would have thought my movies were a guys’ collection, at least, Mom always said so. Lucy was the one with the chick-flicks!
“Well, I did come here prepared with one movie I like to watch...” He went over to his bag. I wondered which movie it could be…
It was one I never even imagine: “Lady and the Tramp??”
He squint his eyes and grinned in an embarrassed, boyish, kind of way. I rolled over, kicked the popcorn over, and laughed my heart out.
“Lucy--would have a field day if she knew and I’m sure Tim, too, would never let this go, either!--But, no...don’t worry. I won’t tell,” I assured him after it seemed like I had gone a little overboard, I admit. He seemed to be trembling with embarrassment.
“Uh...thanks. I thought I’d never tell anyone,” was all he could say. I smiled and he smiled too. It made me feel special that he would share this interest with me.
“Let’s watch the movie before it gets late and Mom comes home,” I said and hit 'Play.'

So for some hours, we watched Lady and the Tramp. Randy and I sat closely together. His head rest over mine throughout the movie.

Randy left after the movie was over. I offered to walk him home but he insisted that it was getting late.

Boy! I never realized how much I enjoyed Lady and the Tramp before! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while watching a kids’ movie—a kids’ movie about dogs! I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her all about our date…Of course, except for Randy’s secret.
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#6 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:06 am

(5) Go to a Yard Sale

I know, I know. I’m more of the mall type to be going to a yard sale. But since I had to pay Lucy back for the money we charged on her parents' account, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look for something cheap.

For some reason, I was drawn to this yard sale when I saw it in the paper with Randy this morning. Something told me we would find something…Maybe I’ll find an apology gift for Lucy, after my not-so-friendly comment about her mom and dad the other day--heh [see Date 4].

Lucy and I didn’t get to talk yesterday--at all! No one answered the phone at her house. Maybe she’s still mad at me? Oh well… I’m sure she’s probably getting ready for school, which starts in 5 days! Maybe we’ll go over and visit her tomorrow or later this week during one of our dates...

Anyway, back to the sale: Randy seemed quite interested in going. He said he’d rather much rummage through old trash than visit some posh, overly manicured mall. "I only was there that time to save you,” he told me. I kissed him on the forehead for that.

Now, that we’re here, well...everything has an antique-ish look to it. The kind that maybe my grandmother’s grandmother would have liked.
“Randy, this stuff is old,” I said to him, as he opened a book and a cloud of dust blew all over his face, making him sneeze like he was sick as a dog.
"Ah-chu! Ahhhh-chhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” He sneezed uncontrollably.
When he was through, he grabbed the book and began tearing out the pages into bits.
“RANDY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I cried so loud, catching the attention of the yard sales attendant; an old lady, who came our way immediately.
“Oh, my,” said the old lady, “I’m so sorry you picked that particular book up. My husband always said it was cursed, or, was it good luck? I can’t remember…Oh, my poor husband…” she said the last with intense grief and dabbed her eyes.
“We’re so sorry ma’am. We’ll be happy to pay for it. Really, we will.” I didn’t know what else to say. I hoped it wasn't expensive.
Your husband? Did he pass away or something?” Randy asked; curiosity rang in his voice.
“Oh, yes. He passed away recently…But please, enjoy the sale. I’m sure you two love birds will find something interesting somewhere in all this clutter.”
She turned away and walked over to another buyer who waved her over, but her “love birds” comment left me speechless for a second.
I looked up at Randy; his blue eyes were darting my way. But suddenly, on the table behind him, I noticed a medium sized chest with beautiful artwork on the surface, and instead of a keyhole or lock on the front side, it had a long golden row of numbers all lined up neatly.
“Oooo, what is that?” I said, as I moved closer to get a better look.
“It looks like some kind of jewelry box…I think,” Randy said. He tilted his head from side to side, and then scratched his scalp, clueless, but kind of cute and adorable-ish.
“Hmm, there’s a code of some sort for this lock—a long code. I wonder if I can open it. Maybe I can give this to Lucy as a gift!”

Choice A:

*Let Randy smash it open [SKIP PUZZLE]

Choice B:

*Figure out the code's meaning [READ ON...]

So I tried to figure out the code, but it’s not opening yet!! What does it mean?!

[[Note: Yes, this is a real code, lol. It is really easy...] ]

06 __
01 __
20 __
01 __
12 __
08 __
05 __
01 __
18 __
20 __
19 __
19 __
21 __
13 __
13 __
05 __
18 __
18 __
15 __
13 __
01 __
14 __
03 __
05 __
03 __
15 __
14 __
20 __
05 __
19 __
20 __

Choice A results:

“Here, Randy, YOU open it. Pleaseeeeeee,” I said after hours of trying to figure out how to open the stupid box.
“Sure thing, Chris.” Randy then grabbed the chest and set it down on the ground. With one karate-like kick, the chest snapped open.

Choice B results:

“Oh great! I finally figured out how to open the stupid box. You’re supposed to read the code out loud. It's______________Duh!”

A and B results in…

“So…what’s that inside the ‘forbidden’ chest? We’ve wasted hours trying to get it to open!” Randy said as I held it up for him to look.
“All that work--FOR NOTHING?” he said flustered. He tried to grab it from me, but after what he did to the book, I couldn’t risk him tearing apart the box.

I waved the old lady over and tried paying for it, but Randy insisted on paying for it. Fortunately for him, she only asked for $5! What a deal! Lucy will never know where we got it, but it’s worth more than anything I could think of at the mall. I’m sure she’ll like it, too!

After we left the yard sale, it was late afternoon, but the newspaper said a summer full moon would be rising before dusk.
“Randy, tonight’s a full moon. I think you’d better go on without me,” I said reluctantly.
“Yeah... I should get home unless you want to walk home a dog without a leash,” he replied, trying to get me to laugh. I guess I was frowning, though because our date was being cut short.
I sighed really loud. *SIGH* Our date was ending earlier than I wanted it to.

So I walked home—alone. Though the date ended early, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while shopping at a plain, old yard sale. I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her about our date. We should hang out! I haven’t seen her for nearly a week!
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#7 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:36 am

(6) Visit the Library

Randy thought it would be fun if we got to hang out with Lucy—but—I wasn’t able to get a hold of her, unfortunately. Maybe tomorrow?
So I insisted that we go to the library. I haven’t been there in ages, but I enjoy the peace and tranquility there.
Randy, though, doesn’t seem too keen on the idea. He finds libraries to be kind of dull...

When we got there, I saw Elizabeth and waved to her, but she seems immersed in her 'pre-studying' for school. We decided not to bother her.

I searched around for a bit, while Randy went to look at some books a few bookshelf rows away.

I went into the history section and an interesting book on ancient art caught my eye. Mostly, I wondered if it could help me figure out where Lucy’s chest came from [see Date 5]?

I go find Randy after a few minutes, wondering where he went off to. When I find him, he isn’t reading, but has fallen asleep at one of the study tables—drooling all over it!

“Hey, wake up,” I whisper.
“Uh-oh-oo-wha? Sorry…Chris. I had a long night last night. Besides, I’d rather be outside,” he said yawning.
Of course, I wasn’t going to make him stay. It is our date, after all. So instead of staying at the library, I checked out the book--I can read it at home later...

Once we’re outside, Randy takes the book in my hands and starts leafing through it.
“I checked it out because I wanted to figure out the artwork on Lucy’s chest,” I explained.
“Good idea,” he said. We walk over to a table outside and sat close together looking over page after page of furniture designs.

After a few hours of doing this, I hear a loud honk as a car pulls up to the front of the library: It’s mom.
“I thought you might be here,” she says. “I thought we could spend some time together before you start school.”
“Mom!” I whine, but then realize that it’s getting late and Randy should probably get going, too. Yet, I can't believe she just interrupted us like that. I guess mothers will be mothers. *sigh*
“Hop in you two. I can take you home first, Randy,” she says as I get shotgun and Randy hops into the backseat and rolls the window all the way down. Was he sticking his head outside? I wonder but mom's talking to me, so I don't check to find out.

After we dropped Randy off, I reflect on our day. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while we were at the library. I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her about our date.
I wonder what she has been up to lately?…
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#8 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:41 am

(7) Hang Out with Lucy

I thought it would be fun to visit Lucy at her house since I haven’t seen her in days, which now seems like forever! I'm also planning to give her a make up gift, and this is the perfect time.
We talked briefly last night, but she was so tired, at least she said she was... Of course, I would understand if she just didn’t want to talk to me…Nah, I know her too well. She’s been up to something, but what?

When we get to her front door I ring the door bell like a gazillion times until she finally opens it.
“Lucy!!” I shout.
“Christinaaaa!!” Lucy shouts cheerfully back as she lunges at me and gives me a powerful hug. We fall on the lawn giggling.
“So you want me to be the third wheel on your date?” Lucy says sarcastically, after Randy walks inside.
"Nah," I said grinning, and head inside, as well.
“Sorry I haven’t been calling you,” Lucy starts. “Ever since my parents came to their senses its ‘Lucy, let’s do this; let’s do that, Lucy.’ I like some of the attention, but please--I’m not a baby anymore! Do I look like one?” She points at herself. Randy and I both shake our heads.
“So what do you want to do Ms. Third Wheel,” I kidded.
“Well, since I didn’t want to be 'the third wheel'…I invited Tim over, if you guys don’t mind?”
Randy and I glanced at each other. We were both fine with Tim hanging out with us, but it was definitely a surprise.

We followed Lucy into her living room, where Tim was sitting and eating snacks on the coffee table. When he saw Randy, he jumped up and they did their secret hand shake: fist-fist, elbow-elbow-elbow, and hard punch to the arm.

Afterwards, we sat down on the couch. Lucy sat suspiciously close to Tim. My eyes widen, she winked at me, while Randy and Tim caught up over the last few days.
I never would have thought…Her and Tim? Together? Well, they do look rather cute next to each other...

Hours went by like this. I gave Lucy her surprise chest and she loved it. She said her dad would be fascinated to look at it and find out where it had come from.

Hanging out was like our own little party. We snacked and watch TV until the whee hours. Lucy insisted I stay over, so I called home and asked mom if it was okay with her.
Not long after, Tim and Randy said their good-byes. But just as Tim was stepping out onto the porch, Lucy leaned forward and they kissed.
Lucy was bright red after.
“So this is why you don’t call me anymore? Randy and I were the third wheels tonight, weren’t we?” I said, trying not to let my jaw hang.

We stayed up very late. Lucy told me everything about her and Tim. Apparently, the two got close during the last couple of weeks, especially with Randy hanging around with me so much and all.

When we finally went to bed, I closed my eyes wondering if I would dream about all our wonderful dates so far. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while we hung out with Lucy and Tim. *yawn*…I’ll have to start asking Lucy how all her dating with Tim has been going and make her call me every time something new happens…*zzzzzzzzz*
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#9 Post by Diz » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:41 am

(8 ) Watch the Sunset and the Moonrise

This is perhaps the most romantic idea Randy has come up with, and I know just the place where we can see a perfect sunset.

We wandered off somewhere in the woods nearby my house and hiked toward the hills in the distance.
However, early on, we pass the spot where I found the dead girl all those weeks ago. It sends chills down my spine.
Randy pulled me close and guided me by the shoulders through the very spot where the girl had been left, assuring me that justice had been served.
It’s different, though, now--this place. The sun is shining and there’s no policeman chasing me--phew! I actually enjoying the woods after all these weeks. They really are beautiful.

After several hours of hiking and chatting, we climb a hill to get a better view.

At last, we make it at the top. I’m exhausted but the view is stunning. I can barely see my house from here! And we made it just in time. The sun is getting lower and lower by the minute.

Randy and I sat on the grass. I giggle when he starts rolling around on the grass like a hyper puppy dog.

The sun goes down, and I think about how wonderful it is to feel the sun on my skin and the sky change colors as night creeps slowly into existence. Something I could have lost if my destiny had turned out differently...

Luckily, though, there isn’t a full moon tonight, otherwise we wouldn’t be out here, of course, and Randy would have transformed by now.

The sound of crickets cricking and owls hooting, erupts when the sun is completely gone. A crescent moon that reminds me of a smiley face, now hangs in the sky.
“Randy, look at the moon! Isn’t it wonderful?” I said delighted that we could be out so late and enjoying such an awesome scene.
“It’s wonderful…just like you...” he trails off for some reason. He tilts his head up and to my astonishment he howls!
"Ahhhhhhhhh-woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!" The deafening sound shakes me. Then I hear other howls coming from all over the forest.
*sounds of howling in the distance*
“...Your Wolfmen friends, I assume,” I said, not sure how I felt about all of this. Part of me was excited by the sounds but the other part made me wonder if this could ever work between us.
“Yeah, we like to come here at night sometimes. I hope I didn’t frighten you, Chris,” Randy said carefully.
I smiled, “No. Not at all. We are getting to know each other, after all. I accept you for who you are. Why do you think we are out here?...”
Randy smiled back, “Come on, we should get back.” But just as he said that, we heard a different kind of cry coming from one of the other Wolfmen in the woods somewhere.
Oowww! Oowww! Oooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”
“What was that?” I said startled. I knew something strange was going on.
“Christina, I have to go. Something seems to be happening and it might be bad,” he said quickly, picking up anything and everything that we had brought with us, leaving no trace.
“Go? But why?” I said. I didn’t want the date to end yet—not like this!
“Don’t worry. You just have to go home. It might get too dangerous. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you,” he said worried.
“All right...I’ll go,” I said still reluctant, yet not wanting to waste anymore time.
“Thanks! I'll make it up to you somehow,” he said fast. He kissed my cheek and we began the journey down the hill.

We took the shortcut out of the woods. In no time, I was within blocks of my house. Randy said good-bye quickly and like that he was gone.

I walked the rest of the way home alone as fast as I could. I was so worried about Randy, but I was certain that he would be okay.

Once home, I told mom I was too upset to eat dinner, and called Lucy instead. Lucy said that Tim had called not that long ago and said that everything was fine. That it had been nothing and that Randy was on his way home.
Relieved, I felt I could finally calm down...But worried thoughts about my relationship with Randy swirled in my head. I wondered if him being a hero would interfere with us if we ever became boyfriend and girlfriend. Even worse, what would I do if something terrible ever happened to him?...

I sat beside the window and thought of our date together. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while the moon is out and his pack. I know it’s his wolf-side, but now that I know him better I realize just how much of a wolf he really is.
It doesn’t bother me, though, for some reason.
I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and find out how she feels about all this since she's dating Tim, another wolfman [see Date 7].
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(9) Eat Out

Intrigued by his offer of going out to eat as a date, I said yes. I wondered which restaurant he would take me to? I imagined it would be like the movies at some fancy Italian or French restaurant where you drink fancy wine. Of course, we’re too young to drink wine! We would be thrown out the restaurant as soon as we sat down if we even thought of trying. Mom would kill me, too!
Anyways, there aren’t really any fancy restaurants in town, so I wondered where he’s taking me??

He did ask me if I had a favorite restaurant, at first, but I told him to pick a place for us. He didn’t take very long to suggest one. I asked where but Randy said it was a surprise and that it was a great place: his favorite.

So, we took the bus to the other side of town.
The Best Steakhouse Around,” I said when I read the sign. Not quite what I had in mind, but at least it wasn’t McRonalds.
The inside of the restaurant was fairly dim with candle lights lighting the room, which made it feel more romantic.
We sat at a table and order:
“I’ll have the steak salad, well done,” I said.
“Hmm,” Randy began, “and I’ll have the 20 oz T-bone steak, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, rare,” he said. The waitress didn’t seem startled by the order, and from the frantic scribbling of her pen, looked like she had written down all the “extras.”
“Geez, how may “extras” was that?” I asked him, wondering what the steak was going to look like when it was served.
“Oh, about 60, I think. Tim and I come here quite a lot with the rest of the gang. This place knows us pretty well,” Randy said. I could tell that he had realized I wasn’t aware of his eating habit, so he suddenly seemed embarrassed.
We had been eating regular food, after all.
I smiled though and wasn’t bothered at all by his ways. In fact, I thought it was cool for some reason.

The waitress came back with our orders. The room was too dark to really tell, but I could tell that Randy’s steak was mostly raw. He looked at my salad and pretended to gag, but I playfully kicked him underneath the table. We laughed.

We spent several hours at the restaurant, which proved to be one of the best in town. When we were through with dinner, the waitress took our plates away. I placed my hands on the table as we waited for dessert, when Randy reached over for them.
It was soooo romantic! He held my hand over the table, and we looked into each other eyes. I thought I would melt like the lit candles around us!
“I could get used to this,” I said softly.
“Me too,” Randy said.
The waitress came around with the check. I insisted to pay for my half, but Randy pulled out his wallet and ended up paying for all of it. I have to say this again: BUT HE IS SOOOO SWEET!

It was now getting late. We reached the bus stop, when Randy suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at the restaurant.
“Go on without me,” he said as the bus approached the stop.
“But-but, I don’t want to leave you here all alone,” I said, wanting to enjoy the little bit of time we were supposed to have left before the date was over.
“No, no...It’s okay. I’m actually not that far from my house like you are. I can walk home. Your mom will get mad at us if you’re late,” he said as he walked me over to get on the bus. He was right, though. Mom would probably ground me if I didn’t come home on time.
“Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, Randy. I had fun.”

As the bus rode away, Randy ran along side it as long as he could before it accelerated away. I waved good-bye as he turned to go back.

On the way home, I thought about the special date with Randy tonight. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while dining out today, although it made me feel slightly queasy. I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow and tell her about our date.
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(10) Have a Regular Date at the Mall and then a Walk Home (...sort of...)

We agreed that the mall would be a fun place to go, of course, only after I insisted. I haven’t been there in so long! I miss all the shopping and hanging out with Lucy there.

We went over in the afternoon. Randy held my hand the whole time as we walked around.
I was dying to go to all my favorite shops, so I made Randy follow me, promising him that we could do whatever he wanted later.

First, we went around to all my favorite clothes shops. I tried a few things on while Randy went around to look at other stuff more to his liking.

Next, we checked out some gift stores, shoe stores, appliance stores, jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, accessory stores, more clothing stores, hat stores, stuff-animal stores, sandal stores, art shop stores, foo-foo bathroom stuff stores, costume stores, furniture stores, beauty stores, toy stores, swim suite stores, book stores...well pretty much the whole mall.

Finally, I asked Randy where he wanted to go.
“Arcade,” he said so quickly I knew he had had enough of the mall. Had I been so self-centered? Naaahhhh.

We got to the arcade on the first floor and purchased a baggie full of tokens. It was so fun playing all the games there.
Once in a while, Lucy and I would come to the arcade and play games, but it was even better coming with Randy as a date.
My favorite games where the rpgs, while Randy enjoyed shooter ones. In particular, we both liked this one game with vampires. What was it called, Fatal-Something? Oh well. But it helped me easy my nerves about vampires by killing them and torturing the dark ones helping them.

Once we were out of tokens, we decided to call it a day. Instead of calling home to get a ride or taking the bus, we decided to walk my house, since the night's air was still warm and pleasant.
Randy, still holding my hand, wrapped his arm around me on the long walk home. We both sighed happily.
Tomorrow we would be starting school, and it felt magical to end the summer like this...

We walked up to the front porch, and to my surprise, Randy pulled out a small jewelry box. I guessed then that he had bought it while we were at the mall and I was trying on some things. Maybe he wasn't so "bored," after all.
He opened it and inside were to dog-tags with long chains—the kind you see people in the army wearing.
He took one and put it over my head. The chain felt warm against my neck.
“This is for you,” he said, and he put his on.
I noticed that there were engraving on my dog-tag and read it:
Hers” it said on the first side. The other side said:
My girl”
Below the engraving was an illustration of a heart with a cross in the center. I traced my fingers over it.
“Mines made of gold, not silver, like yours. Also, I figured that it might as well protect you, so I asked for a cross symbol, too,” Randy said. Then he nervously looked into my eyes. “So...I was you want to start going out?...As a couple?”
“Yes, let's!…I really like you, Randy,” I said slowly.
With that said, he leaned forward and kissed me!
We agreed we would meet each other at school the next day.
He kissed me one more time for a good-night kiss and left.

As I got ready for bed, I thought of all are wonderful dates together. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about Randy while hanging out at the mall, and finally, our kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend!
I’ll have to call Lucy tomorrow first thing and tell her about our date, but right now I'm exhausted.

I fell asleep quickly. Now after weeks of not dreaming, I finally had a dream of Randy and me.
In the dream, everything was so clear and bright, unlike my dreams from before...
When I awoke, I smiled and said to myself, "Well…at least this one doesn’t bite."

The End
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#12 Post by Little_witch » Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:41 am

Wow... just wow! (now even luck won't help me).

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed, when I saw the spoiler warning, since I was eager to see what somebody who also didn't know the actual progress of the plot would make up. So I had to avoid the included spoilers like strawberries in a... strawberry cake, again.^^'

But from loosely running over the page, I must say that you fiction is brilliant (in matters of quantity and quality). I envy your multiple choice idea which mirrors the feeling of the game.

Only one remark: I probably would change the third part. First because of the aspects of copy right protected material (I know Harry Potter feels like common ground and there are fictions everywhere but since this a kind of official contest, they could be sued because of it... even if it isn't likely, I would play on the save side)
And second it is rubbed in too much. All readers who know the potterverse figured out what's going immediately, there is really no need to tell names.

Just write something about a boy with glasses and a scar who is searching for his exotic pet. That's enough information for the readers and little enough to prevent unwished trouble.

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#13 Post by Diz » Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:57 am

@little_witch: Thanks! It means a lot to me. :) But you never know with these things who's going to win, though. I had one of those happen to me recently with an art contest. I thought I was going to win but they went with another design. So don't lose hope--really!

Yeah, you're right about the copyright problems. I'm chatting with phoenix, and she just pointed it out too. o.0 I didn't read the whole thread for the rules just the first couple of post.

Anyway, Harry just became he-who-must-not-be-named-because-of-copyrights-character in the story. lol :lol: I'll make the changes immediately. Thanks so much!

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#14 Post by phoenixgirl » Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:11 am

Hi Dis. Yup, I know I said this already but I loved your story. :D

Option #10 was my favorite-the most romantic. Then again, I can be a sucker when it comes to romance. :lol: I did like option #3 as well. All that magic. :wink:
Please help and support me here.

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#15 Post by Diz » Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:54 am

@phoenix: Thanks again! I couldn't have done it with out your help. :lol: Yep, I think date 3 is my favorite. XD Date 10, hmm, I guess old habits don't go away especially with the other ever-long story with that one adorable guy that is such a sweetie *cough*. :P

@all: Okay, I cleaned it up a bit. There shouldn't be any typos, I think. :roll: Thanks for reading the story! :)

Oh and, hehe, I guess this is shameless promotion XD but if you want to read other stuff I've written click here: ... 57&start=0

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