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School Maze - A Dungeon Crawler of Sorts.

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:29 am
by Jinroh
Hello everyone I've made another game. ^_^

This is my best game so far and coded entierely in ActionScript 3.0 hehe.

Anyway, the game's kinda like a dungeon crawler where you're a kid named Lil' Billy who ventures forth on his quest to find his missing homework. Along the way you have to navigate the school and negotiate with the dangers that are there. Like Cheerleaders, Football players, and the like. Throwing pudding and water balloons your only option to defeat them along with collecting money and using vending machines to get much needed equipment.

Follow Lil' Billy on his 5 level quest of excitement! ^^

That's the summation of the game right there. The current version is 1.9 and you can play it <<<<HERE>>>>

Hope you enjoy it. ^_^

PROTIP: Certain enemies can only be defeated with certain items. For example, football players are defeated with pudding, while cheerleaders are defeated with water balloons. ^_^

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:21 pm
by Jinroh
Sorry to bump an old topic, but School Maze has been updated.

If you tried to play before and were put off by it's ugly scaled graphics, they've been fixed in Version 1.10

Previously I did not know how to properly up-scale graphics in flash, but now I do, so I fixed School Maze a few months ago. ^^

If you'd still like to try it out you can play here:

Hope you enjoy it. ^^