Your Own Fatal Hearts fangame - no programming needed!

So, you want to be a game maker? It might be easier than you think! Come here and see...
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Your Own Fatal Hearts fangame - no programming needed!

#1 Post by hanako » Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:30 pm

For those looking for a simpler start to game making (or who want to get in on the competition that will be posted shortly) I've uploaded a fangame "base" that you can download here -

To use this, download and unzip the contents, then use a text editor to read the fangame.dlg file. This file contains all the instructions for the story part of the game. You can run the exe to play through the game as it exists, and change the text in the dlg file to change what happens.

I'll post instructions for the contest shortly, but this is a quick headsup for those who read this subforum and might be more interested in game-making. :)

EDIT: contest instructions at ... .php?t=405

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