The Gifted Child - RMXP

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The Gifted Child - RMXP

#1 Post by LovePhoenix » Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:22 pm

Heya Hayo everyone ~

This is currently the only project I am working on. It's not complete yet and no demo is available.



Many years ago, Gods and Demons lived in a continuous war. The Gods protected the world where humans and elves lived from the demons who wanted to take over their world.
The war almost never ended. Until one day, the Gods decided to store their huge and unlimited power into one of the creatures who lived in the humans and elves world. The reason was that, if the demons ever defeated them, their power wouldn't be lost and instead would be saved.
They chose an elf girl who lived in a small town, and stored their power into her body.
Shortly after, the Gods and Demons faced each other and fought till death. None of them survived, none but a demoness called Cruella.
The girl knew nothing about her eternal power, all she thought she could do was healing and helping others after what happened to her parents. She was sent to an academy in a town called Trissina to learn how to become a cleric.


Today, Cruella knows who is the gifted child. She wants the power for herself, and using the fact that the girl knows nothing about her eternal power made her mission so much easier to complete. Sending her beloved Ray to capture Rosaline for her, she is expecting him to accomplish the mission successfully. Nevertheless, Ray knows nothing about that Cruella is fooling him with her fake love.

Meanwhile, Rosaline and her best friend Amy has graduated from the Academy as full-fledged clerics. They now are planning on living their life. Yet little they know that their life may have so much adventure than they can ever imagine.


Image Rosaline Roland
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Meaning of Name: Fair Rose
Personality and Bio: Rosaline is an energetic and an active girl. She likes adventures and would never be found calm or peaceful. Although she appears to be a bit tough on the outside, she is kind and gentle in the inside.
Rosaline lost her parents when she was young due to an attack from the demons on her village. She moved to Trissina and was taken care of by the Academy. She was raised to be a cleric.
Rosaline is totally unaware of the eternal power she holds.

ImageAmy Rose
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Meaning of Name: Love/Lovable
Personality and Bio: Amy is very kind and gentle. She is so shy and innocent. She doesn't like to get in trouble a lot and always prefers to follow the rules. Despite this nature, she sometimes gets out of it because of her best friend's Rosaline actions. She is not the adventurous type which is one of the reasons that made her become a cleric.

ImageRay Summon
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human - Half Demon
Meaning of Name: Wise Protector
Personality and Bio: Ray is Cruella's 'fake love'. He is a mage swordsman, who can use both weapons and magic. He thinks that Cruella truly loves him and will spare Rosaline's power with him. But what he doesn't know is that it is a true lie.
He has been sent by Cruella to capture Rosaline, but will he succeed?

Image Zane Truse
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Meaning of name: Beloved
Personality and History: Zane is a mage who is handsome, kind and caring. He is popular among ladies, but none of them ever interested him. His magic is as good as his good looking. After graduating, Zane has been wondering what to do.

Image Cruella
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Meaning of name: Evil and Cruel
Personality and History: Little is known about Cruella, the known is what she has been seeking for the gifted child for years. Meeting Ray, she decided to fool him by making him think that she loves him so that she could convince him to join her on finding the gifted child.


~ Custom Shop Screen
~ Custom Menu, Item, Equip...etc screens.
~ Surprising Actions and Unexpected events
~ Party members that only appear to certain events
~ A lot of custom graphics and music








Anyway, this game is a humor/romance/adventure RPG, I am very glad with how's turning out, and I hope it's going to be done soon.

Constructive Criticism is always welcome. ^^

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#2 Post by Calixte9 » Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:51 pm

This game looks great, better than mine at least :roll:. However, in the trailer, there's a scene with the glowing orb which has a red square background around it. Everything looked great apart from that so was it intentionally red? The music is also a bit weird like it's fuzzy or something but that might just be my computer. I know it's Japanese but there's something a bit off about it.

Also, did you download those scripts and pictures? They look very pretty.

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#3 Post by lill_sweetty » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:08 am

Love the screenshots. Will certainly be a very pretty game to play. I like your mapping. Some problems:

Personally, I find the menus to be gorgeous, but I dislike the background of the first one. Too... starry. I hope you change it to something easier on the eyes. As for the personal data one, there's something... off about it. The girl's just cut off. At least, give her a semi-transparent box beneath her so that it's not like she's floating in outerspace half-cut off. Same with the stats and equipment. A semi-transparent box.

Why does all the characters have a thick black band around them? If that isn't present in the game, I don't mind much, but get rid of it if it is. And if you have extra time, get rid of it and redo your banners and graphics even if they're not in the game. Advertisements are very important.

I'd also appreciate a screenie of the battles, and the trailer uploaded onto youtube. Downloading is a hassle, especially from rapidshare.

And you might want to rethink the font. Something more simplistic. The names can stay in the tilty font, but the dialogue is just... not pleasing. If you look at "are you sure", you'll see "yo" sort of sticks together. No problem for now, but after after awhile, it might get hard to read. Get out there and find a font that's both romantic and cute without being hard to read. And hopefully not in italics.

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