Kind of a poll: game length and replayability

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Kind of a poll: game length and replayability

#1 Post by RedSocialKnight » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:20 am

I'm just in the vague dreaming stage of getting into game-making. But I'm curious about how players view game length and replayability.

The game I'm envisioning is similar to Cute Knight in style and story, although with a different gameplay mechanic. There are many story paths, and you're supposed to play through at least two or three times to understand the whole of the plot -- the first time, no matter which path you choose or how well you do, there will be many loose ends left to dangle tantalizingly.

However, with my game mechanic, it seems like each playthrough is going to be as long as a conventional linear RPG -- about 30 to 40 hours! Is anybody going to bother to play more than once? Will they just be annoyed by putting all that time into reaching an unclear resolution?

I'm wondering if I should drastically shorten the story, or try to find a way to strip down the gameplay.

So, a few questions:

1. What's the longest game you've ever played more than once?
2. What's the most times you've replayed a game?
3. Do you ever, or often, finish a game for the first time and feel like immediately starting again? If so, what games have made you feel this way?

Or ignore the questions and just give your own player's and/or designer's perspective on game length in RPGs.

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#2 Post by Calixte9 » Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:04 am

Personally, I don't mind replaying games of even that length especially if it is a game like Cute Knight. I'm just weird however, as I don't really care how boring a game is as long as in the end I reach something so I wouldn't mind replaying long games. If I know that there are things that can be reached only by replaying a lot, then I will replay it a lot.

The game I'm working on right now does have a very long story line in which the player is meant to replay. Many people found it tedious to repeat the same thing over and over (This was because the starting was very repetitive though :lol:) but I think that even if your game is long, but the plot is interesting, then people probably will be willing to replay. It would definitely be good if a game of that length could be shortened but if the story doesn't work if it becomes a lot shorter then it wouldn't be a good idea.

That's my two cents for you. :)

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#3 Post by Ulin208 » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:42 am

I don't know about other people but I find most RPG games too short, it's probably just me but I think a game that is around 30-40 hours should be what every RPG aims for therefore I would definitely replay one of that length if it were interesting. I don't really mind playing tediously long games as long as there is something to look forward to since I play many MMOs which is basically doing the exact same thing over and over again. Anyway back to the subject, I think a game of that length should be fine as long as it's interesting just as Calixte9 stated above.

Personally if I did spend 30-40 hours to finish only to discover an 'unclear resolution' all the more to play it again so the hour spent playing wouldn't be wasted. It would make me want to play it again even more. Also I'll attempt to answer your three questions:

1) I'm not actually sure on this one becuase I don't know how many hours of game play the games I play actually have. The most time I've spent playing a single game, adding all hours up, could possibly total to a couple of months.
2) Again not too sure, I believe it's somewhere around 60-70 plays for cute knight.
3) Many times, Cute Knight is one, and so is Princess Maker 2. Also Fatal Hearts, maybe Fish Tycoon and Rich Man 4 (this demented Chinese monopoly like PC game). Can't think of any more right now and sorry for not being able to help more.

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