Canitrex Round 2

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Canitrex Round 2

#1 Post by Jinroh » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:39 pm

Well, here's the second thread for my Canitrex Tetris Clone that I made today.

Well I deleted the first post here and Joe Siegler deleted it on the 3D Realms forums for reasons I cannot fathom. :( He always deletes my threads.

Anyway, I took it down because I actually played it and wow. It was total and utter garbage.

So I fixed it up to a playable state and the only real bug I can think of is that if you're close to the edge and you do a flip, it will bleed into the border, but that's minor and can be fixed easily. Collision Detection, Row Clearing, and Losing Bugs have all been addressed and now you can play Canitrex forever and ever until you get bored.

So give me suggestions on how I can improve it ok.

You can download it here:

Thanks all,
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