Syphethia's Discoveries (fantasy GxB otome)

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Syphethia's Discoveries (fantasy GxB otome)

#1 Post by syphethia » Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:19 am

Syphethia is a young light elf about to reach maturity. She is a princess who lives in a small city that is thought of as the entire world and stays in her tiny little castle. Seeing as she is about to reach adulthood her reserved mother and demanding father want her to marry the noble Kita. This is a horrendous idea to her especially since is seems her 'fiance' is keeping many secrets. After being abandoned on the date she was forced to go on she locks herself in the library and finds herself in the forbidden section. Being a curious elf she ends up looking around finding books about other elves and creatures and she finds diaries. They are the diaries of the last light elves. Along with the strange books she finds a symbol on the wall. Strangely having the key to open this passageway she finds herself in the real world. Sadly it's no longer as beautiful as it was. She finds herself face to face with a disgusting, monstrous...elf?


She is the main character and is a light elf. She is very kind and caring but can be misunderstood and when angered, she can be quite explosive. She is quite quirky as well and tends to be very different from other light elves. She is rambunctious, rebellious, free spirited, and very curious. Not exactly what you would expect from a perfect princess

He is a light elf and the princess's fiance. He is very strange and is always disappearing after receiving a mysterious call. He doesn't seem very nice and is incredible smug. He seems to have some sort of disdain for the princess but always tries to hide it behind a fake smile. He smiles often but it never seems to be authentic. He is shrouded in mystery.

He is a waiter at one of the light elf restaurants. He is very kind and social and seems to always be there when this princess is in a bind. His signature facial expression is his big cheesy smile. He has a big secret though. Which would explain his unusual appearance. He also seems to genuinely care for the princess and loves her quirks. He loves having fun and can sometimes be a bit if a flirt.

He is a dark elf who is fierce and strong. He may sound rude through his voice and actions but he really is a caring person deep down. Not that he'll ever admit to it. He is a bi r of a tsundere lol. His tongue is sharp but his touch is always gentle. There seems to be a strange connection between him and the princess. He also can not leave someone in trouble. He will complain about it but can't stop himself from helping.

She is the sister of Darc who is even more violent than her brother. She is flirtatious and has a fiery attitude but still love her brother dearly whether she shows it or not. Though she is violent, she doesn't get angry often. Her violence is how she has fun. She jokes around a lot and can be very sexual at times. Her favorite pass time is teasing her brother.

He is a hotheaded fire elf. He is always full of energy and any little comment could set him off but he would never leave a friend behind or let them get hurt. His emotions are very big in every direction. He feels things a lot more than others. Sadness, anger, joy. All of them go to the extreme. But so does his passion for the people he cares about. Loud and wild, he can be quite a handful.

He is a calm and calculating water elf. He is mature and tends to correct people which makes him seem smug and arrogant which was never his real intention. In actuality he is very caring, just misunderstood for the way he shows it.
He has a hard time expressing his feelings or anything else that doesn't involve logic. He tends to say the wrong things often and it comes off in a way he didn't intend it to. He is very good at hiding his emotions as well.

He is a free spirited air elf. He is quite eccentric and a bit air headed. Its always hard to understand what he's thinking. He is also extremely shy and easily embarrassed. He is very quite but seems to have a very active mind. Always lost in thought. Though seemingly shy and docile, he is very dependable when it comes down to the important issues. He may prefer peace but will protect those he cares for with his life.

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SyphyChan: Story writer, organizer, boss lady ;P
Harusea: Sprite artist
Kyuu: Cg artist

Story: 60%
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Re: Syphethia's Discoveries (fantasy GxB otome)

#2 Post by syphethia » Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:30 am

Rough sketches of designs for Syphethia's hair and clothes


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Re: Syphethia's Discoveries (fantasy GxB otome)

#3 Post by hanako » Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:53 am

cute outfit design!

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