Life sim game development toolkit: LiSE (unfinished)

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Life sim game development toolkit: LiSE (unfinished)

#1 Post by LogicalDash » Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:12 pm

I'm working on a game development system. I'll be making a game with it myself but it's not really for that, it's to make things a bit easier for all y'all to make more elaborate simulations than what RenPy usually does.

It's called LiSE. Life Simulator Engine. Pronounced "lies". Lol. At the moment it's not really usable because you probably want to be able to like, see your game, and play it, by clicking things? I'm working on that bit. I have a lot of the uh, support structure done, and if you're cool with writing code and then running it thru a command line you can make some sweet simulations that aren't really games.

LiSE is written in Python, but probably won't be compatible with RenPy because I use Python 3, specifically. Still, if you're used to putting Python code into your RenPy games there won't be too much to learn. I'm trying to make LiSE take care of all the object oriented code you would otherwise have to write yourself, meaning that the code for specific LiSE games is all procedural -- lists of instructions.

LiSE is a rules engine, meaning instead of writing how the game goes from the beginning to the end, like RenPy, you write the rules that the game follows, and decide when to apply those rules, and who/what to apply them to, etc. This also means it's pretty easy to take like, one or two rules out of some other game and use them in your new one. Hard to do that with a RenPy game, I think...I haven't made anything in RenPy myself, just read what other people have done in it.

When you need a specific thing to happen at a specific time in your LiSE game, though, you don't actually write code -- you tell LiSE to warp time to when the event needs to happen, and then you edit the world so that it's how it needs to be, and LiSE just remembers.

The world editor (I'm working on it now) works by having you draw graphs, the kind where you've got some dots and they're connected with arrows, and then putting stuff on the dots like ... this person lives on this dot, this ocean is covering this other one ... that kind of thing. In fact all of LiSE's data is stored in "directed graphs" in the computer science sense. These can be world maps, but it's all the same if it's a dialog tree, or a skill tree, or a tech tree...whatever, aight?

Anyway I want this all to be as useful as it can be, so what features would y'all like to see in LiSE? I can't promise much of anything, but I want to hear it all anyway.

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