[BL] Writers, Pitch A Script to this Programmer/Artist Team!

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[BL] Writers, Pitch A Script to this Programmer/Artist Team!

#1 Post by Rosstin » Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:18 pm

Lilinn and I are interested in finding a skilled writer who has an idea that they're passionate about turning into a visual novel! If you can provide us with an interesting idea and script, we can program and illustrate it.

I'm looking for high-concept, unusual and interesting story concepts, like:
*Human spy navigates complex romantic customs of alien culture
*Player is a ghost who interferes with the lives of the characters indirectly
*Robot seeks to escape the eternal party which it was designed to serve
(These are just wacky examples, don't actually pitch these.)

If you're interested, give me the elevator pitch for your idea! A sample of your best writing is also appreciated! The best writing samples for visual novel work should contain lots of interesting dialog and some examples of branching narrative.

About me: I'm Rosstin, an amateur game developer with a few years of experience and a talent for getting projects finished. On game projects, I serve as the producer and main programmer.
Over the last year, I've released about 3 projects that I've considered complete and successful, including the visual novel Kitty Love, otherwise known as Queer Catboy Love Disaster.
Kitty Love: http://rosstin.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/kitty-love-3/

Our artist, Lilinn, is quite fond of male-on-male interaction, so bonus points if your idea involves those. Lilinn's tumblr is here: http://sayoshigure.tumblr.com/
Lilinn says: "I do prefer drawing boy/boy (and I don't mind if they are a little bit old, like over 30 or something), and I don't mind drawing R-18 scenes, as long as they are not hard-core and up close. I am a fan of sad stories myself, so I would love to draw some dramatic-angsty scenes (and don't get me wrong, I love happy endings). I guess in the end my preference is just male characters and drama, the rest is up to the writer, fantasy or modern fits my taste either way."

I'd like to make a primarily story-and-character centered game with romantic elements, rather than a life-sim or economic game. We're aiming for something between 5000-9000 lines of dialogue total in the game script, and hoping to produce a product of professional quality.

I'd be willing to compensate a writer up to $10/hour of work, provided that I and the artist REALLY like your writing sample and pitch. In this case, I'd like the writer to have a) worked on a successful, complete VN before or b) be published/known for their writing online.
In the unlikely event of financial success, everyone on the team will get an equal cut of profits after expenses are paid for, for a year after release. I worked on commission for a professional developer friend (the guy who made Realm of the Mad God! http://www.realmofthemadgod.com/ ) who has a lawyer and fancy contracts, so that could be arranged if necessary.

However, rather than for money, I'd prefer that a writer want to work with us:
* Out of a desire to expand your portfolio with professional-quality work.
* Because you're passionate about making a game.
* Because you're passionate about your script.
* You like us and think it would be fun to work with us.
* You're confident in our team's ability to see a project through to the end.

Thanks for your time! Send pitches and samples to
asterazul at gmail

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#2 Post by FantasyFan » Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:20 am

So do you mean that you'll only pick ONE idea if you receive more than one? Or will you work with more than one person if they have good ideas?

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