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New Project! Need some help!

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:02 pm
by Damien's~
Hey there, so I've only just began making a game of my own. I've only got the very basics of the storyline, and four characters(including the main one). I hardly have any time on my hands, what with school and other projects I'm working on, but I REALLY want this to happen. So anyone who just wants to work on a project from the very beginning is welcome to join! (More than welcome - I need help!)

So here's what I have so far:

You are Mary Sue (I'd like to have the character be able to change their name), and you are in your first year of college. Living on your own, you find life pretty boring. So when your best friend mentions to you that she's involved with a group of witches, you can't help but be a little interested. She persuades you to come to a gathering of theirs one night, and you even take part in one of the spells the group casts. But something goes wrong. You end up being sent back through time to when a King still ruled, and the neighboring country was ready to go to war at any moment.
Now you have to figure out how to get back home - or do you want to stay?

Okay, so two major parts of the game. Sue gets sent back, blah blah blah, she meets all the different romanceable characters, and then the neighboring country finally strikes, and the second part is Sue and whichever character she has chosen living through the aftermath. I only have three romance options so far (and no names!):

The Prince:
Raised in the castle to be a ruler and a perfect gentleman, the prince is kind, but unused to being told "no." He gets anything he wants, and will not be too interested in much of anything. Sue must be a bold and somewhat commanding character to catch his eye. In the second part of the game, he has lost everything from the attacks, and feels lost. He will depend on Sue's leadership to pull him through.

The Demon:
The demon is an immortal being who resides in the forest nearby. He has an appetite for humans, but won't eat Sue - so long as she keeps him entertained. Sue can't be a cowardly little maiden around him. She must be quick-witted and clever if she wants his attention(the good kind). In the second part of the game, the demon has given up hope for humanity, and is angry with the world. It will take a Sue with kindness to bring him back to her.

The Artist:
In a small, broken down and seemingly deserted house on the outskirts of town lives a painter. He's angsty, sullen, and depressed about...well everything. His glass is more than just half-empty. It's broken and leaking. His talent amazes Sue, but sadly, no one seems much interested in it for some reason(Which will be a quest in the story). After the war begins, he gets swept away with the rest of the citizens fleeing the country, and has no way to paint anymore. He sinks into depression. Sue must be persistent and bubbly throughout the entire game to win him and overcome his sadness.

I also have a secret character but...well he's a secret! ;) Anyone who helps me develop this will get to know of course though lol.

I need TWO MORE CHARACTERS. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

This is all I have. For details or questions, post a comment here, or e-mail me at
Or you can even visit me at
Hope to hear from you!

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:27 am
by Yuki
You haven't said what sort of game it is.

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:18 pm
by Damien's~
Oh. It's a visual novel kind...? Is that what you mean?