Solstice - new mystery game from the makers of Cinders

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Solstice - new mystery game from the makers of Cinders

#1 Post by hanako » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:09 pm


A magnificent city in the middle of a frozen wasteland, cut off from the world by raging blizzards. Inhabited only by a small group of misfits, who either can’t or don’t want to leave for the dead winter season.

When the local madman goes missing, an ambitious doctor on a contract and a mysterious young woman, who arrived with the last dog sled caravan, start questioning the true nature of the city’s splendor…

Visit the game webpage for more information, screenshots, trailer, and demo.

Available for Windows and Mac (no native linux). Should be on Steam later this year, and existing customers will get keys when it comes out.

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