Reunion of Angel (Otome game, Japanese voices)

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Reunion of Angel (Otome game, Japanese voices)

#1 Postby hanako » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:56 pm

standard disclaimer - i haven't played it yet, I'm passing you info as soon as I get it!

Mai is having an awful day. She just got fired, and suddenly two guys show up claiming to be Angels of Death, saying that she's going to die in seven days.
Not only that, but her soul will be destroyed completely, so she can't even be reincarnated.
The Angels can't prevent her death, but they want to at least help save her soul. They lend her their supernatural powers so she can help people -- just like a superhero.
But can Mai do enough good deeds in the next seven days to change her fate?

This game is originally written in Japanese and translated into English, so it's a good idea to test the demo and see how smooth the translation is! There is English text, but Japanese voice acting. Also, it's Windows-only.

Boys with wings!

Watch the game trailer here

You can download the game demo here

Game can be purchased here

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