Queen of Thieves (GxB, GxG, RPG)

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Queen of Thieves (GxB, GxG, RPG)

#1 Postby hanako » Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:51 pm

An exciting new game by Winter Wolves. You play a team of three sisters, whose mother was once the notorious Queen of Thieves. She disappeared many years ago and was thought to be dead, but now rumors reach your ears that she just might be alive after all... and it's up to the three girls to rescue her! Now the three sisters must learn to become master thieves, sneak through homes, gather treasure, fight enemies, and discover the truth.

This game has lots of interesting new features to play with. Each sister can have her own love interest, male or female. There's a full dress-up equipment system to mix-and-match what the girls wear. And of course there's simple RPG combat and missions to go on.

For more information, screenshots, and free demo, check out the official webpage.

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