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Bastians Letter?

Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:45 pm
by ninidunut
Well, you know when you are at Bastians Mansion afterwards sleeping round Lucys, and Christina finds out Lucy is a cultist and locks herself in her room, Bastian writes her a letter.
Does anyone know what it says, because i just can read it. the writing is to curly and posh!

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:20 pm
by hanako
I think I actually have the original text file around here somewhere.... I don't recall if I changed it at all since this point but it should give you the idea at least. :)


My father said that a noble son should never beg, for begging acknowledges another as your superior, and the nobility should always be above others. Yet you are my superior, and always have been - a better and wiser soul than I. Therefore, it is only right that I beg for your forgiveness.
I know the turmoil you must have felt at the things you have seen. I promised you that we could live upon blood given willingly, and yet you have heard whispers of murders and sacrifices. Both are true. For the past half a century, I have been locked in the deepest of sleeps, knowing nothing of what happened in the world above, or what actions my followers would choose to take. When I began my slumber, they were not yet born. It was they who chose to wake me with blood forcibly stolen. They believe that my power lifts them above the needs of others, and that through me they will become rulers of this New World.
This was never my desire. I want only to be with you, to learn and to love. If you fear me still, then believe this - after the ritual, when we are joined, you will hold every bit as much of the magic and the power as I do. If my plans turn to evil, you will be able to stop me. And I pray that you will. You are my heart and my guiding star. I should have listened to you, in the life we had before. I will make amends for eternity, if you allow me.
As for the wolf - please understand that these are dangerous enemies. If one of us fell into their hands, we would be torn apart without mercy. They will not rest until we are utterly destroyed. If I must kill the wolf to save you, I will neither hesitate nor feel shame. And I will not hide it from you. There should be no more secrets between us.
You are not a prisoner. It is your love that I want, and I cannot cage that. If you choose to walk away now, no one will stop you. But I beg you, stay. Stand at my side. Share my power and my vision. Help me to guide my followers and turn them from wickedness. Shape the future with me.
Let this gift bind our fates to joy.

Bastian Weiss

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:24 pm
by ninidunut
Okay, thank you!
I really do like Bastian a whole lot more... i dont get why so many people pefer Jeremy hahaha ... but Tim is definitely the best;)