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Hints, favorite characters, and general discussion of the adventure game Fatal Hearts.

Which is your fave ending? Or which do you think is the true one?

Held in Trust
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Hopeful Future
Fresh Start
New Order
Judas Kiss
Other (do tell!)
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#16 Post by PrettySammy » Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:35 am

I think the "Hopeful Future" ending wraps it up nicely, and it's a happy ending, which is a definite plus for me. I appreciate the all-around happy endings the most. :)

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#17 Post by mablesyrup » Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:19 pm

I felt that New Order was the "TRUE" ending because it just seemed to make the most sense, like the denoument in a movie where everything's complete...but my FAVOURITE ending has got to be Hopeful Future because even though it wasn't complete in the sense of New Order, it really touched my heart that Katie had hope and it was beautiful, because although Christina was probably the more suitable bride she stood aside and let Katie have another chance at life and be happy and with someone always who loved her and protected her so she'll never be alone again....

....also the Childhood ending I thought wasn't really that tragic, it was a different take of perspective with the story for sure, but it was "realistic' in the sense that even though the story remains a mystery it was an ending that didn't have bloodshed and the police did everything and Christina and Elizabeth was fine.

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#18 Post by CooKie » Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:31 pm

For me it was a choice between New Order and Hopeful future mainly, but i chose Hopeful Future because, well there is a hopeful future. Katie lives, Christina has a boyfriend(Randy) and the bloodshed stops. I think Christina never realised she was one of the Kirsten Reborn in this ending and my prime example is the dream where she pieces the links together about Bastian/Sebastian she never compared herself to Kirsten, but she did with Katie because of her looks. Maybe Katie did remember some memories about Bastian, because um... she went eagerly to Bastian.
I also liked the Fresh Start ending. I think it does stand out from other endings you see in games because of the coupling of Lucy & Christina, and i have rarely seen that so that was a good choice to me. But i do agree it is a bit weak with the fact that you have no idea what happens to the Wolfriemen or the Cult, but it makes you wonder when it says Bastian is the one who made this happen (which is true since he let them leave) and Christina wonders if he would go after her or just watch waiting for her.

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#19 Post by Mystique2821 » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:18 pm

Well here is my take and get ready for the ride. Forgive me for not remembering each ending name but here goes. Bastian I get the whole man of your dreams concept, works for me...(vampire) I'm still ok with that the fact that Katie looks so much like Kristian now I am distrubed. I really wanted Christina and Bastian together that why I like Foretold, and I think it's New Order.

As I started go thru the other endings there are just undenible (yes I know hooked on phonics moment) attractions that make me wonder for example, the animalistic attraction towards Tim and Randy (I perfer Randy and still question why did Christina kiss everyone but him (the lick doesn't count) and their ending was akward or is it just me?)

Loved Jeremy so much so that when she kills Bastian and stays with Jeremy I would have love it except for the whole he's pycho and power hungry and the second they would have a lover's quarral he probably off her. But I really appreciate the fact that he introduced her to magic, he was romantic and ever so charming ****sigh**** sorry I was having a flashback. I think I am just those types who goes for the bad boy. Bad not certifible.

The whole Christina and Lucy yup one question...why....why do they run away. Ok cool you're in love dandy...happy for ya..Strong females unite ..not get on the next greyhound. I don't know could have worked out different, they both knew magic at the end of it all. Take Bastian's power (or just enough to dominant him because you never know you could fall in love with him later) control the world...just a thought peace among all???

Drowning ending so much left unresolved.

One thing the art work was beautiful and the concept was excellent!!!!

The alternate endings kept me begging for more....speaking of which any chance of a sequel???????

Think of all the possiblities..

Loved the game.....thanks to everyone that helped.

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#20 Post by hanako » Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:10 am

speaking of which any chance of a sequel???????
A direct sequel, no. Any sort of 'what happens next' with this batch of characters is best handled in fanfic. (Feel free to write stories or throw out ideas for what the characters could get up to!)

I can't do a sequel because, well, which ending would it carry on from? :)

Whether or not there will be another game LIKE this game (that is, a game with a lot of story, multiple endings, and some puzzles) - I don't know. I don't have one planned at the moment. (You can see what games are currently being designed in the Hanako Secrets forum.) It takes a really long time and a lot of art to make a game like this, and while it sells some copies, it's not a big hit. (You can see all the outraged reviews on Reflexive complaining about too much reading :) (I use too many parentheses!))

The best way to get a sequel to any game made by any indie developer, honestly, is to help promote it and get people to buy copies. Since we have to make a living off the sales, if something sells lots we want to do more of it.

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#21 Post by FantasyFan » Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:21 pm

Man, talk about nasty. Most of them only reviewed the demo version. Sure, there's lots of reading, but so what? It's an INTERACTIVE STORY - and I got swept into the story from the beginning.

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#22 Post by hanako » Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:33 pm

They weren't expecting a story, they were expecting another hidden-objects game. :) It's not a game for everyone, but as long as some people really like it, I'm happy.

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#23 Post by FantasyFan » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:01 pm

Hidden object games are a dime a dozen (there are WAY too many of them). Fatal Hearts is unique.

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#24 Post by lill_sweetty » Sun Feb 24, 2008 11:37 pm

Some of those reviews REALLY REALLY irked me.

"way too much reading to do, there never should be that much reading to do, ever."

*Hmph!* Sounds like a book-hater to me...

Some also said only Aveyond lovers will like this game. The only reason why I think that might be is because:

A) Both of you like having actual stories. Whereas people nowadays seem to only one repetitive hidden objects and time management games without any plot (no offense to the creative ones --ex: Diner Dash's creators, Madame Fate and many many others who put their creative spin on it with an actual charming story.)
B) You're creative in your games. You're testing new ideas and new grounds, not going for those "safe" grounds.
C) The people that like your games actually understand you're indie developers. You're not Square Enix. You don't have millions at your disposal for flashy animation, or the best system controls in the world.

Furthermore, I don't know what they're complaining about. You have to know what you're getting yourself into. I came in wanting a deep story, nice art&music, and reading, and that's what I got--and more. If you go in expecting a normal game, you'd hate it. A 1st person shooter lover wouldn't want to play Nintendogs, now would they?

Plus, it seems a lot of these people just gave up. Fatal Heart's greatest asset is it's storyline, so people who never got to the good part *cough* Bastian *cough* never really got the best part of the game. Confession: I skipped most of the puzzles to get on with the story.

I don't care what anyone says. Keep going where you're going, Georgina.

A review I thought was actually really quite fair is

Gamezebo's Review

And I'm not just giving a link because they gave Fatal Hearts a high score, and that Georgina also did an interview with them. Really!

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#25 Post by phoenixgirl » Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:15 am

Totally agree with you on the reviews. I like games like Fatal Hearts and the Aveyond series because they are totally different from the usual run-of-the-mill games nowadays. Granted, I still buy games like the Diner Dash series but it's good to have a refreshing change every once in a while.
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#26 Post by modestgoddess » Sat Apr 26, 2008 9:00 am

Personally I loved the Hopeful Future ending. Katie is a sweet and wise girl who I believe deserves a little eternal happiness after all she's been through, and the joyous look on her face as she runs toward Bastien is touching IMHO. I only wish there had been more information on Christina's winding up with big-cuddly-puppy-dog Randy, aside from the vague implication of them as a couple in the background of the ending picture.

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#27 Post by lill_sweetty » Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:23 am

Am I the only one that dislikes Katie?

I really disliked the Hopeful Future one. I mean, come on, Katie? Is a man the only thing that can give her hope? And her entire idea of "destined lovers" and always wanting someone there for her forever makes me really dislike her. I liked New Order, but not because I though Christina was destined for Bastian, but rather because she took charge and made peace. Otherwise I would've picked the other ending where they both became vampires. What can Katie do to reconcile the cult and the wolfriemen? She expects other to bring stuff to her, not to work for it. One assumes that Christina gets with Randy, but what if she doesn't?

And I think that it was mentioned that Katie never had any dreams or anything. I think Katie had Kirsten's looks but Christina had her memories. How they came by this was never explained. Some more magic, I guess...

I don't know.....I just really dislike Katie. I think I'd like Randy a lot more if Katie wasn't his sister. I mean, her "fantasies" and "threats" and stuff about destiny is just a fake reality she builds for herself. Even before she got sick. She just lost hope even more afterwards. She should've picked up herself and struggled, so that I'd at least think she'd be worthy of Bastian. And I really believe Bastian would be happy but unfulfilled, never learning much, without Katie. That was also the problem with Kristen, wasn't it? He never was able to share his life with her, only his love. That's why she ended up so tragically. Christina would be able to do this. She'd be able to work side-by-side with him.

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#28 Post by phoenixgirl » Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:06 am

On the Katie issue, I'm pretty neutral on it. To me, Katie represents the "damsel-in-distress" character and I can understand some being turned off by that. For those who like fairy tales and the happily ever after ending, the Hopeful Future ending would seem good. But then, there are those (especially in this day and age) who are more about women being strong and standing up for themselves. I'm personally more like that kind of woman but I don't have any resentment for those who are more like the damsels.

And I guess to be fair, we don't entirely know Katie's past before she became sick. True-she did seem to have fairy tale dreams of finding her prince and such but we don't really know more than that. Perhaps there's more to her than what we see.
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#29 Post by emichan » Tue Apr 29, 2008 4:03 am

Randy says Katie was a lot like Christina, didn't he? but being sick and dying made her different.

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#30 Post by lill_sweetty » Thu May 01, 2008 3:33 am

Yeah, I hate damsel-in-distress. They can all die for all I care. Well...actually, no. That's a little harsh. But I really don't want to bestow happiness on people who are like that....That's the main reason I didn't like the ending.

I actually thought Randy saying Katie was like Christina was either his brother mentality or failure to understand his sister. I always thought of Christina as being very quiet and reserved, but with a very strong will underneath, if you take into account all her actions on the most of the routes. Katie, on the other hand, is loud and bubbly, but I think that she is very weak underneath, which is why when she got sick, she couldn't keep her head up and hope and try to understand how her parents felt. Instead, she cracked. He saw the real Christina, but the fake Katie, perhaps? I'll say this again. Katie reminds me of Kirsten, and Kirsten ended badly. So will Katie. I have a feeling a part of Bastian will always be closed to Katie if they end up together.

I know this is really stupid, but I've heard someone say not to judge someone on how they act when things are comfortable, but how they act under opposition. (or something like that, I believe Martin Luther King said that). I think sickness counts as opposition. She gave in so easily to Bastian, like she was waiting for him! Her dreams just make me feel like she doesn't like reality. There's nothing wrong with dreams. I dream like that too. But if told to make those dreams real, to be taken care of and such...I wouldn't be able to stand it.

>.> I have strong opinions about it....Which is how my fanfic came into writing. If you've read it, you'll see just how far my hatred for Katie extends....

I still think New Order is the best. To each his own. Now...~__~ I'm gone. This isn't suppose to be a debate. XD

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