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Hints, favorite characters, and general discussion of the adventure game Fatal Hearts.

Which is your fave ending? Or which do you think is the true one?

Held in Trust
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Hopeful Future
Fresh Start
New Order
Judas Kiss
Other (do tell!)
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#31 Post by Coolgamer » Mon May 19, 2008 5:27 pm

I chose Hopeful Future. I feel it brings the best to the most characters. No more bloodshed, and a new chance at life. I really did like Katie. I think she's a lot smarter then she likes to let on.

Jeremy reminds me of myself. The tech-loving man would wants to make the world a better place. I don't go to his extremes, but I do agree that a lot of people practically don't exist for all purposes. With all the evil humanity causes, it's hard not to become disillusioned to it.

Lucy... could have used much better endings. A way to stay with her without running away from the rest of your problems.

Blood Rejection also struck me really hard. It's one of my favorite endings because to be willing to end your own life to save others takes a lot of courage. Moody, dark, and excellent.

I'd love to know more about the other characters. Namely the blonde-haired girl with spikes in the Wolfriemen. Too bad she already has a partner.

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#32 Post by Biawog » Thu May 22, 2008 1:53 am

I voted for Hopeful Future,but I haven't got the New Order one yet.

Hopeful Future pratically says everyone has some kind of happy ending,Christina has her own life again,Randy and the wolfriemen have the "case" solved,Katie and Bastian supposelly live happy too.Lucy also get to still be Christina's friend,wich was what she wanted if Christina rejected her love.I thought it was a eally happy ending,and I really like those :)!

The first ending I got was "Foretold",and it was kind of MY "true ending",cause I got it without looking in the guide,and choose based on what would I do if I was in that situation!So...yeah,I guess if I was in Christina's place,I would get turned into a vampire xP!

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#33 Post by Lendezu » Sun May 25, 2008 1:34 pm

Finally I unlocked all the endings!!!!
The first ending I got was "Pyre", I got to it without looking in the guide.
It was kinda scary because Chiristina still has nightmare, but a least she didin't become a vampire. I really didn't like the "Foretold" ending. Christina can't be forced to be with Bastian, even if she is Kirsten's reborn.
Bastian seemed to me a very selfish man. Despite his love to Kirsten, he can't force Christina staying with him (even she don't have to, he wouldn't tell her it).

I have two favorite endings: "Judas Kiss" and "Hopeful Future".
"Judas Kiss"- because Bastian is killed and all the cult is arrested. Lucy moves in with Christina. It was very brave for Christina to say that she loves Bastian in order to kill him. The only disappoinment in this ending is that Christina doesn't end up with Tim (or Randy).
But the ending I chose was "Hopeful Future", because everything ends so good, there is hope for peace. Christina ends up with Randy (Randy is so cute and they are so sweet together). I am also happy that Katie is the one who is ends up with Bastian (I would never like an ending like "Foretold" for myself,unless it could save me).

The best ending in Jeremy's path is "Blood Rejection", Because Christina shows everyone and especially Jeremy that no one can control over her. She does only what she thinks to be right. It was the rght choise to kill Bastian, the cult and herself in order to save everybody else.

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#34 Post by CrazyInsaneAnimeFanGirl » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:46 pm

Personally, I don't have a specific favorite. I like all of the "Happy Endings", so to speak. This means two things:
1. I am actually a romantic at heart.
2. I am actually very easy to please.

I do like Jeremy because he is a gentleman. I'll admit, I do wish there were an ending where Christina convinces him not to be so power hungry and just have a normal relationship with her, but maybe that'd be too cheesy and unrealistic because even though he's a gentleman, Jeremy really isn't much of a romantic when it comes to an actual relationship (but that's just my opinion) and his ambitiousness is an important part of his character, so it'd be pretty difficult to get rid of it in the time span of the game.

Randy. I'll admit, that in the "Hopeful Future" ending, I myself have doubts that he can carry on a relationship with Christina that will have a real future (marriage, kids, the works), but at the same time I think he can. He just has to grow up a little more and get over his older sister complex.

Tim and Christina actually remind of one of those married couples you see in anime. No, not the mushy couples, but the ones that argue all the time over the silliest things. But they really love each other and their arguements are played for laughs rather than an impending divorce. =D

Lucy. Poor Lucy. She's tried to go through her life as a normal teenage girl/lesbian. She and her best friend/crush are friends again and they're having a fun summer together. Then her parents try to marry her off to some old guy. Then she finds out that said old guy is a vampire and her own parents are members of a cult that is responsible for the serial murders. Her only escape from this nuttiness is her best friend/crush. But Christina's own curiousity results in her being kidnapped to be the bride of aforementioned old guy/vampire. That would mess most people up. Plus, she's a 15 year old girl who knows everything and nothing at the same time. I doubt most scared 15 year old girls would be able to think of anything besides running away or getting adult help.

Bastian. I love how depending on which path you choose, it can change your perception of him so dramatically. It makes the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni fangirl in me squee so much. Even though I like the "Judas Kiss" ending because it's technically the Tim ending, it makes me sad at the same time.
1. Because I really feel sorry for Eric.
and 2. Because even though this is a "Wolfriemen kills Bastian" ending, and therefore a "Bastian=Evil" ending, at the very end you see his human side. I think that if I got this as my first ending without using the guide, I would probably think: "Wait. This wasn't in the manual the Wolfriemen gave me! D=" or something like that. Plus, the "Hopeful Future" and "New Order" endings give us wonderful crack!fic potential (i.e. Bastian just walking down the street just chilling with Christina, Katie, and the Wolfriemen (who are being forced to help him assimilate to the new world as part of the "Peace Treaty") when suddenly he sees something and goes "D=<", ready to defend his beloved and Christina's all "DAMMIT, BASTIAN THAT'S A STREET LIGHT/SIGN/(INSERT RANDOM THING YOU'D FIND IN TOWN HERE)!").

Now, I'm going to defend Kirsten and Katie. First of all, people have called her weak because of her fear of Sebastian leaving and being suspicious of him, but remember, the man's going AROUND THE WORLD. IN A NICE BOAT. Remember the Mayflower? I suspect she may be scared of him dying. As for her being suspicous of him, it's not healthy or very smart to have blind faith in someone. Plus, it turns out that she WAS right to be suspicious. As for knowing about the werewolves' demands, maybe she could have stopped the slaughter. But then we'd have no story. Plus, it looks like she was at least willing to listen until she found out the guy was a werewolf. Remember, back in the day, the general consensus was that "Vampires/Witches/Werewolves/Anything supernatural=BAD". So it probably wouldn't be a stretch to assume that she assumed that the guy was lying. Looking back, I think Kirsten was stronger than people might think. Think about it. She's a woman back in the... 1800s? Women were supposed to be reliant on the men and always do what the man says without question and all that jazz? But she questions him. She tells him her complaints. She does a little snooping of her own.

As for Katie, think about her exact situation. She spends most of her life healthy and she suddenly falls ill in the period of her life when she's deciding what she wants to DO with her life, no one knows what's wrong with her, and it looks like she'll be dead soon. You say she should try to understand where her family's coming from, but it's easier to be optimistic when you're not the one who's sick. I think it's very sweet when she opens her locket. Remember, this is the girl who told her younger brother that Communist spies would kidnap him and later threatened to sell said younger brother's potential love interest to the circus. And she wants a fairy tale romance. I don't know about you, but I LOVE it when that type of girl reveals her secret, girlish wish. Let's face it, every girl has dreamed of meeting her own Prince Charming at some point in her life. Also, give the girl some credit. She KNOWS what she wants in a man. ;)

The minor characters. Kudos to Darlene and Burt for being the official canon couple throughout the game (you know, other than Lucy's parents). Kudos to Marta for playing the Cool Big Sister straight (to Elizabeth) and subverting it at the same time (to Christina). Eric... I really wish you were a potential love interest. You know, assuming you're still young and don't have a wife and/or children back in Germany. Kudos to Elizabeth for being a token loli that is also a nerd and the only character besides Jeremy that wears glasses (Lucy's parents don't count). Kudos to Christina's mom for being an understanding parent regarding your daughter's love life. Kudos to Lucy's parents for... helping the plot move forward?

Finally, Christina. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for main characters. I'm very happy that she's not one of those PCs where you control every aspect of her personality. I like only making choices about what she says and what action she takes, but otherwise everything else is Christina's own thoughts and feelings. Being a very independent person myself, I love endings where she stands up for what she knows is right and doesn't let others manipulate her. And kudos to Fatal Hearts itself for having an actual plot where getting a boy/girlfriend is only part of the fun! =D

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#35 Post by lill_sweetty » Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:21 pm

I never said Kirsten was weak. She showed certain weakness for being prejudiced against werewolves, but she IS remarkable for an 1800's girl. Bastian, Tim and Randy showed the same kind of prejudice in the 21st century (Bastian aside as he was asleep for most of that time). But I believe that Kirsten decided not to tell anything about the werewolf's plea not only because of her prejudice and she decided it wasn't worth talking to Bastian and make it seem she didn't like his plans, but also because of her suspicion of Bastian. And she's right to be suspicious. Bastian's a lord, she's a maid, she had no idea what happened when he left but something changed. The whole town's doomed and Bastian changed. He's cold and ambitious and listened to nobody and showed no pity and couldn't put himself into someone's shoes and believed he was right, almost like Jeremy who thinks he's righting the world. I think Bastian learned to listen and let go, though, case-in-point when he told Christina everything and then said she could go if she wanted to. He no longer FORCED. Pity Jeremy never did...Or perhaps it was Bastian's experience with the foreign vampire coupled with his "I believe in my status as a lord" pride already there that did it, whereas Jeremy's...just Jeremy. I think Bastian's sweet, and...I have to say, I'm bias towards the artist that worked on Bastian's CGs (like BastinaxChristina's kissing scene, where he looked amazing).

Did you think Jeremy was a gentleman? I thought he was a lunatic acting the role of a gentleman. He singlehandedly almost offered Christina on a plate to Bastian, then went around and said, "Oh! Let's betray Bastian who would've given me all I wanted so that I could get more power and be together!" He was never attractive to me, which is why I despise his endings.

I stand by my point that Katie was weak. If Kirsten was strong, Katie was weak. What does she know of Bastian? She knows what she wants in a man? Complete and utter love that would never leave her? That's it? What about Bastian's actual personality? She never questioned the fact that she was destined to be with him! She just believed in this miracle romance that would solve all her problems. I doubt it did (which is where my fanfic comes from). I think Bastian and Katie COULD NOT have been together, because Kirsten's personality seem such a farcry from Katie. She was a strong, independent woman, if quiet and more understated than the loud type of "Hoorah! I am independent and I want everyone to know that!" I get that same vibe from Christina, which is why I think BxC fit a lot more. Katie...she seemed to me to be weak from the very beginning, from her childish threats, like...like a fantasy she was living, and how she forced everyone to go her way with it, and I think they did because she was so childish if rather cute with that weakness. It's almost pitiful. I think it only took her illness to have that childishness and weakness crash down on her. I love The Happily Ever After dream, and I know everyone has it, but....just like that? Would you accept out of the blue the fact that someone told you you've been destined to be with a person for your whole life without ever having met him? And do you really believe in Knights in Shining Armor? Didn't you learn with Jeremy...?

As for Randy, I think he's just....not compatible with Christina. I got a friends vibe from her reaction to him...? I think Randy's obsession with Katie might be because he was young, thought she was one thing, and she wasn't. He was shocked when her illness came and revealed her weakness. He misread Katie, just like he misread Christina so he thought they were like each other. I totally disagree.

I think he also missed the fact that Christina dreamed about the two not because she's the matchmaker, but because she had "HER MEMORIES". And I believe the memories came to Christina because Christina is much more like Kirsten than Katie ever will be. What makes someone someone is partially themselves (which is revealed in the memories) AND their decision (which IS the memories). Memories are a bigger fragment of Kirsten than her looks, which came to Katie instead. I think Katie represents the weaker side of Kirsten, the one that NEEDED a man and stood there and let Bastian and the werewolves fought and didn't stop it because of her prejudice and her belief it'd be fine without actual facts. Like Katie's belief it'd work out with Bastian.

And...Christina had such a vital part! I dislike the fact that she wasn't really part of the big treaty.....only a side-role. I guess that's not bad...but I really like the idea of her going in there, because she's the only one with a clear and unbiased mind, and she's fulfilling the peacemaker role that Kirsten failed to do when the werewolf came to her. I think she filled the "prophecy of following in Kirsten's footsteps" a lot more than Katie will. I CAN'T imagine Katie making the truce happen in the way that Christina can, and I can imagine her making the two work together and mollify each side in the way that Christina can. Basically, I think Christina has more sense and understanding, shown in ALL major endings, if not more intelligence than Katie.

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#36 Post by Calixte9 » Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:07 pm

I think the true ending would the New Order one becuase, in my opinion, it's the only ending where you find out the FULL picture. I like the Foretold ending a lot but I knew that it was just more like a set path where everything is decided for you.

I think that the endings where Bastian died (Crossfire, Judas Kiss etc.) didn't seem to tell the whole story and I thought it was too sad to just kill him without ever really having 'Kirsten' back.

A lot of people like the Fresh Start ending but I personly don't like it that much because though I quite like Katie, I don't think the story was really complete as you didn't really find out about Bastian and Kirsten. There was also hints that your relationship with Randy wasn't quite what you wanted so I thought that there was too much left undone in this ending.

I don't understand why there are a lot of Jeremy fans. I agree with lill_sweety that he's a power-crazed boy that doesn't know loyalty and only acted a gentleman to get what he wanted. It didn't seem at all that he was really kind or cared for you. Besides, living forever is a bad, bad thing and wanti ng to bring it upon you for his own gain seems selfish (I know that Bastian turned you into a Vampire in Foretold but He was just too desperate o never loose you again).

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#37 Post by phoenixgirl » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:33 am

I explained the rationale behind some liking Jeremy, including myself. But in addition, I suppose in a way, I felt sorry for him. Like he had to deliver Bastian's bride (although I suppose some could argue that Jeremy didn't have to do that) but yet he fell in love with Christina. (At least, I looked at it as love.) That would do a mind job on some people.
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#38 Post by Keddie » Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:57 pm

mistyrosemon86 wrote:I like the tim and jeremie endings.there my my fave guys in the game. who doesn't like a guy nice to to offer to build ya your own arcade(k u get him in that ending but) :lol: . and a wolf a boy leader for a boyfriend. :) :oops: :)
Which ending is the one where you get to be with Tim??? :?:

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May Contain Spoilers

#39 Post by Keddie » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:07 pm


My favorite ending would actually have to be "Judas Kiss". That sounds really weird, because you never really find out about Bastian and Kirsten's past and all that, but I liked that Christina sided with the wolfriemen because they always seemd more trustworthy and goodhearted than Jeremy or Lucy did. To me it seems like it's worth it because you stay on good terms with Tim and Randy and Elizabeth as well as Lucy. It felt like a closure to me, because Lucy gets out of the whole mess and gets to live happily with you instead of being doomed to a horrible fate.

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#40 Post by Keddie » Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:17 pm

Personally, I REALLY don't like the ending where Bastian ends up with Katie. I know, the strategy guide says he'd be happy with either of them, but it doesn't feel right to me. All we have to connect Katie with Kirsten is that she looks like her. Christina's the one with Kirsten's memories. Besides, I don't buy that both Katie and Randy are suddenly ready to accept that she's going to become a vampire.
I also didn't really like the Bastian-Katie ending. It feels like you hardly even get to know Katie before she's sucked away into the mythical vampire world. It feels like Christina shouldn't have wanted Katie to be with Bastian that badly, because she hardly knew her at all, and never seemed that close to Randy, so I didn't see why she seemd to have such a strong desire to save Katie at all costs. :?:

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#41 Post by Naiomi666 » Tue Mar 10, 2009 7:58 am

[quote="FantasyFan"]Well, I guess I like bloodshed more than most others, because I'm kinda partial to the first ending I got, the "Bloodshed" or "Blood Reject" ending (Ending Number 2, where Christina follows Jeremy's path until the very end, where she stops everything by killing the entire clan and herself). I liked that ending because it's dark and creepy, but it doesn't make Christina the victim. Yes she dies, but she's very much in control. It also makes Christina into a very strong character. She's suffered betrayal by someone she thought she loved, but she rises above it and does what needs to be done. She won't let anymore innocents die. [/quote]

you know i also really liked blood reject for the same, but not until i played the game a second time. In that ending i always prefer to let Lucy go. I always thought that i would be cool though to kill Jeremy or let him , but get the chance to be leader of the vampires without a man! i know it would not be in character, but a girl can dream...

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