Finished it! [spoilers?]

Hints, favorite characters, and general discussion of the adventure game Fatal Hearts.
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Finished it! [spoilers?]

#1 Post by Telio » Mon Dec 17, 2007 5:46 am

I just finished the game (2 endings so far) so I thought I'd register and write a short review. :)

What I liked:
You kept the character personalities solid throughout the whole game. well done!

I really didn't expect to see any homosexual love in it, nice idea and got me surprised.

The story was very well written.

Lucy. :D

What I didn't like:
The quality of the background didn't match the quality of the character graphics most of the time. And in the puzzle games, it could use better graphics as well.
I also know how most visual novels look like but I think fatal hearts could use a bit of short animation, like fire flowing in the fireplace etc.
I know that you pay for graphics though.

The music sometimes stopped forcefully instead of fading out spoiling the mood a bit.

Needed more interactivity. And more exploration scenes. Maybe you could also add an inventory in the next version? Like you find items that you keep and use later?

Some of the puzzles are very low on hints or require you to go on a search in Google. Most riddle-solving games provide hints inside the game environment and do not require you to go on a search outside the game and find them.for example, why if someone doesn't have a German dictionary or know about rune and doesn't got internet connection?

That's what I think and I really enjoyed the game!:D

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