Why does"dex" = luck?

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Why does"dex" = luck?

#1 Post by k24601 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:05 pm

I've been finding it weird and funny that something like "dex" = luck.

I can understand why, for example,
something like int = "mind" but dex = luck?!

Did you try to code it once as "global.luck" rather than dex and it didn't work? I just want to understand why "dex" is used in place of the word "luck" because in real life that wouldn't make sense and it looks silly when you're going through the codes and dex = luck really stands out because everything else makes sense but dex = luck rubs one the wrong way
( Hahaha )

Luck and dexterity are two completely different things
(I know you all probably know this already
but still felt the need to "say" it.)


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#2 Post by hanako » Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:57 am

Internally the stats are named after the abbreviations that make sense to me as a D&D player. :) Standard D&D stats are:

Wisdom (not used)

They're very familiar to me from long years of gaming, so I automatically named stats that for my own purposes, but I didn't want to use those names for the player display for many reasons... I didn't want my game looking like it was meant to be D&D, and a lot of potential players wouldn't necessarily recognise or respond well to some of those words anyway. I wanted softer words. So "Dexterity" was out.

"Agility" also sounded too harsh and scientific. "Luck" doesn't really mean the same thing, but it's reasonable that the same things that you would use dex for you might also want luck for! So it's easy to understand that you should probably build your luck to be good at fighting or stealing.

In CKK Luck does make you luckier and improves the chances of some random events... I can't remember if it does in the first game or if it's always just dex renamed.

Anyway, none of those codes officially exist. :) For player purposes the stat is Luck.

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