Cute Knight problems with Vista (if bought from other sites)

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Cute Knight problems with Vista (if bought from other sites)

#1 Post by Anomyous1 » Tue May 26, 2009 8:19 am

Hi. Just ordered game and tried to play but my game won't open. The processes kishi.exe and kishi.RWG both open but nothing happens.
The weird part is that the free trial worked perfectly...
Oh and I'm running vista if that matters?
Anyone know how to fix this.

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#2 Post by hanako » Tue May 26, 2009 10:17 am

Where did you get the game from, and where did you get the free trial from? I am guessing that you played the free trial here and then went and bought the full game from, say, Amazon, where it looked cheap. :) Amazon is selling an EXTREMELY OLD version of the game, which doesn't work on Vista. They do know this, it's been pointed out to them a few times.

The Deluxe version has been Vista-compatible from the day of its release, and the non-Deluxe game was updated to a Vista compatible version at the same time - 2007. Some other sale sites published the update, some didn't. The version available at the original developer's site of any game is usually the most up-to-date, because we can't control whether or not other sites will apply all our patches and tweaks.

If you forward your sales receipt to hanakogames support, I can hook you up with a discount on buying Deluxe. :)

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