all you need to know about life

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all you need to know about life

#1 Post by starkitten » Wed Apr 18, 2007 10:54 pm

i saw this on someone's blog!!

Thirteen Things You Can Learn From Playing Cute Knight

1. Exercise, even though it burns you out fast when you're doing it, in the long run increases your stamina.
2. If you're new in town, nobody will want to talk to you. However, after a while and if you're charming enough, you'll meet a lot of great people!
3. If you're sinful, especially if you pickpocket a lot, it shows... and people will run away from you. And it will be hard to get a permanent job.
4. If you pursue a particular task whole heartedly, you will succeed.
5. Reading books will give you a wealth of knowledge.
6. It is important to go to a learning institution.
7. It is a sin to kill a thinking being.
8. Giving donation and doing social work will decrease your sin, but nothing gets rid of sin like praying to God.
9. Once you become better known, people wil give you better paying jobs.
10. Money is important, but you can survive without it.
11. It is sometimes difficult and complicated to get to a better future.
12. Never give up! Don't let go of your dreams... because when you do, you will never ever be anything at all, and you end up wondering your whole life whatever would happen if you didn't give up.
13. If all else fails... get some help!

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