Breaking the yearbook

Male protagonist, in the Hall for bold and athletic boys.
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Breaking the yearbook

#1 Post by jamesfelicia » Mon Mar 30, 2020 10:16 am

With some aggressive route planning to have:
- all 4 personality traits equal
- all the club memberships possible
- at least one detention

you can make the vital statistics on the year book end screen just barely pop off the page. Of course the online year book looks normal though. I put way too much effort into having this silly effect happen.


My route planning notes for ppl who feel like replicating (if not for the lazy point on week 12 this would be impossible)

"i don't want any pressure" +1 lazy 0/0/0/1
"i want an easy ride" +1 lazy 0/0/0/2
"what are the rules about dating?" +1 flirty 0/0/1/2
"when can i get to the dungeons?" +1 sporty 1/0/1/2
"i'm fashionably late" +1 scheming +1 flirty 1/1/2/2
climb up the tree +1 sporty 2/1/2/2
"she's very outgoing" +nothing 2/1/2/2
"it means you can have more fun" +1 sporty 3/1/2/2
don't call her lady angela +nothing
do the list +nothing
JOIN EVERY CLUB!!! +nothing 3/1/2/2 (lazy people cannot join the sports club)
tell people about the exam dont mention william +nothing
RUN FOR PRESIDENT!! +1 scheming (only for sporty characters?) 3/2/2/2
go study right after
"Take the credit" +1 scheming +1 flirty 3/3/3/2
Join midnight poets
Week 12: "Let Minnie take over" +1 lazy 3/3/3/3
Start book club
Get detention at least once somehow

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