Finally played it!...I have questions [spoilery]

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Finally played it!...I have questions [spoilery]

#1 Post by Oki » Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:52 am

After waiting for the games beta to be over,and forgetting for a year, I finally played it! Well, everything *except* Barbara's route(I always save one major route for last). But I have some questions about things now (as you'd expect).

A lot of my questions are about Ellen. The Ellen route is an intriguing look at the Damien romance from an outsider perspective - When you romance a girl who is 'not' Ellen, is there a way to keep Damien from uh. . .Damien'ing? And if I'm guessing right, more or less Donald goes on to take Ellen to the dance and she does not see Damien again? I guess from a player's perspective I want to know if Damien tries and simply fails to pull the same shenanigans on Ellen as he did to the Horse Hall PC- it would be both bittersweet and hilarious if it really could have been any girl and the aftermath of him begging the PC to take him back was the same as it would be with Ellen. (Then again she probably, smartly, hated him after) But yeah, is there a way to both protect Ellen and date another girl? Clearly Damien is a central point of conflict in the story because he affects so many storylines, so it's always fun to figure out what he's doing and how he differs.

Basically another point to that, years after the fact I have to ask: Is Damien really stupidly in love with you and hating it at the end of Horse Hall, or is that just more manipulation? Come on Hanako it's been like....10 years, just let me know!

Ellen's route is basically just a huge callback to Horse Hall. Loved learning about Musette, loved how it played into Minnie's story. I don't enjoy it from a romance perspective but it was the best story for allowing Ellen to find a sense of piece she never did in Horse Hall. On that note, am I wrong to think of each PC as providing NPCs a different resolution? This PC hurts Grabiner to be around, but I feel it might sorta be implied in the Minnie romance there is a wistful happiness that he feels watching you *not* f it up, even if he's side eyeing you suspiciously. Meanwhile the Horse Hall PC literally can romance him and help him have actual hope for the future. The games really do both compliment each other because there is so much you learn from being either character. (Now I want to write a fanfic where they both exist and they're *best friends*)

I also get a lot of vibes that Ellen is a character Hanako enjoys writing, because she seems to follow the paths that Horse Hall really set up as the 'older and wiser' path.

Man being on the other end of the Damien fallout is hilarious. "Uh....maybe you shouldn't talk about this" "i have to or he WINS!"

Jacob and Minnie are now exponentially cooler and more interesting characters. Honestly, everyone is. Horse Hall set up this world I wanted to know and play in, and Wolf Hall told me enough to make me want to go back and experience the former all over again.

I am admittedly having trouble figuring out all the achievements. Any hope of getting more tips on those? It was fun to have hints to figure out how to royally screw up Damien, tell me how to be a failure at other things!

Finally uh. . . is there any hope of you making a DLC for Horse Hall where the art assets from Wolf Hall are in it instead? I loved the games art originally but I don't know if I can go back with the old art, the new art is just too cute and fits my idea of everyone way better. I will give you more money for this, I don't need new CGs, I'd just like to experience it in a new way with a different look.

PS: Great job on the dungeons! As usual using only red magic was the hard one for me haha
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Re: Finally played it!...I have questions [spoilery]

#2 Post by hanako » Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:59 pm

It is possible to break up Ellen and Damien without dating Ellen yourself, but it may require a ruthless action.

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