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#1 Post by ZuriAmariya » Fri Mar 13, 2020 11:22 am

So I went into my first playthrough blind and ended up with the scheming aspect - just that, no hints of anything else. Now, after a bit of searching, I've realised you can check your personality at any time in the codex and that it can go through quite a few changes with the cut-off point seeming to be after freshman initiation. I was also under the impression that you could only have one personality trait, but I've noticed my character sometimes acquiring two and some people have even managed to have three by the time of the election. However, no matter how hard I try, I can never get more than one to stick. I tried to be flirty and scheming and one always seemed to disappear after a certain point. Same with pretty much any combination (with laid-back and sporty being the only other two I've managed to get, but never together).

My questions are as follows;

- does anyone know the cut-off point for forming your personality?
- is there/will there be a guide for how to get a certain personality?
- can you have more than one throughout the game or will it always be narrowed down via dialogue choices?
- also, assuming it's a points system, will the little comments MC gives always default to the personality trait with the highest points?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Personalities

#2 Post by Gotas » Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:11 am

So I finally got around to experimenting with personalities.

It turns out that not only is it possible to finish the game with more than one personality, you can actually finish with all four of them!


If you end with more than one personality, however, the online yearbook will only show the first one, so you you'll only know what personalities you ended with by looking at the in-game yearbook entry (or by checking the entry about yourself in the codex before the game ends).

Here are my observations about personality:
1. There are 4 types of personalities: Sporty, Flirty, Scheming, and Laid Back.
2. Different choices will give you points for different personality types
3. All of the choices that affect personality seem to occur before the election
4. Your personality will be whichever of the four you currently have the most points in. You can check your personality by looking at your own entry in the codex.
5. Some lines and choices only show up if you have a certain personality.
6. If multiple personality types tie for the most points, your character will have all those personality types at once. If you have multiple personality types, you get the extra dialogue and choices for all of those types.
7. If all four personality types are tied for the highest, your codex entry will no longer list a personality type. Nevertheless, you are treated as having all four personality types at once (you get all the personality based dialogue, and at the end of the game, your yearbook entry lists all four personalities).
8. It's impossible to have no personality, because with the very first choice Grabiner gives you, every option gives you a point in some personality type.

Here's a list of all the choices I found that affect personality. I don't claim that this is an exhaustive list, but it's probably good enough to get yourself any desired combination of personalities. Dialogue options are copied from my shorthand nodes and paraphrased.

1. When Grabiner asks you why you're a Wolf:
"I like sports" (+1 Sporty)
"Americans respect sportsmen" (+1 Scheming)
"I don't want any pressure" (+1 Laid Back)

2. When Grabiner asks why you're at Iris:
"You teach here" (+1 Scheming)
"I want an easy time" (+1 Laid Back)
"I'm new to this" (no effect)

3. When William asks if you have any questions for him:
"What are the rules for dating?" (+1 Flirty) [It appears that you only get the point if this is the first thing you ask]
"What's the best color of magic" (+1 Scheming) [This seems to give you the point whether you ask it first or second]
{anything else} (no effect)

4. When Potsdam asks you why you're late for orientation
"I'm fashionably late" (+1 Scheming)
"Nobody woke me up!" (+1 Laid Back)
"Sorry" (no effect)

5. When you're deciding how to give Barbara back her shoe:
"Climb the tree" (+1 Sporty)
"Throw it" (no effect)

6. When William asks you for your opinion of Minnie
"She's cute <3" (+1 Flirty)
"Too Perky" (+1 Laid Back)
"Very Outgoing" (no effect)

7. When Donald asks your opinion of his plan to get detentions
"It means you can have more fun" (+1 Sporty)
"Will it get you a date?" (+1 Flirty)
"Power is always worth it" (+1 Scheming)
"You'd be giving yourself detention..." (+1 Laid Back)

8. When you ask yourself if you're going to run for office
"Run for Office" (+1 Scheming)
"Don't" (no effect)

I didn't actually run for office in my playthrough, so I'm not sure if any of your campaigning choices affect personality.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Personalities

#3 Post by hanako » Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:16 pm

If you're tied there are some dialog sections where you can get multiple comments from different personality types and some where it will just pick one; this depends on the flow of the conversation, as it may not make sense to say all the comments one after the other. This only applies if it's a section where multiple personality types have bonus dialog of course - if it's a section where only one type has it, then being tied is fine, you'll still get the line.

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Re: Personalities

#4 Post by ZuriAmariya » Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:49 pm

Ah Thank you that helps a lot! I thought there were more than four types and I was being unlucky haha. Also your guy definitely looks like he has all four personality types, just look at those shades! xD

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