Bug in Exam 7

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Bug in Exam 7

#1 Post by Gotas » Wed Feb 26, 2020 5:18 am

So I managed to accidentally accomplish the uncommon feat of getting killed by the Mothmen on the same turn that Croup made it back to his friends. I wasn't sure whether that would count as a pass or a fail, and apparently the game wasn't either, because I got the Potsdam "You Pass" dialogue, and then immediately after I woke up with Grabiner and got the "You Fail" dialogue. Presumably one of these should take precedence over the other?

(I also checked to see if I could replicate the effect in exam 4, by moving onto the stairs on the same turn that the bladed beast makes a lethal attack against me, but in that case dying takes precedence and you only get the "You fail" dialogue)

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