Wolf Hall - Beta Testing Thread

Male protagonist, in the Hall for bold and athletic boys.
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Re: Wolf Hall - Beta Testing Thread

#61 Post by hanako » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:27 pm

Demo updated, though that's irrelevant to almost everyone reading this. :)

Just bringing in the new character creation screen and any other changes made to the first week while removing the Kickstarter links.

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Re: Wolf Hall - Beta Testing Thread

#62 Post by hanako » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:47 pm

Long boring list of fixes as we come around to 1.0:

Changes since 0.9.2:

[ 0.9.2 - builds, live on Itch 2020 Tammikuu ]
* Fixed save warning saving Wrong Way traps.
* Started adding FluidSeeps.
* Atmosphere mixing code redesigned.
* Support for rendering atmospheres.
* Liquids (or, technically, heavy atmospheres) now fall down holes.
* Debug messages trimmed.
* Chibi CG thumbs tweaked.
{ - backup pseudover. }
* Debug messages trimmed.
[ 0.9.3 - patch. ]
* Gallery button now auto-unlocks if you've got the finale trophy.
* Damien CGs should unlock (non-Steam variant.)
* Deciding whether or not to go to the play on the 21st if we don't
have a date now works.
+ Thin dark skin fixes for yearbook.
* Yearbook upload screen at the end adjusted.
* Now track no-spells outcomes for exam2, exam4, exam5, and exam6.
* No-spells is not counted as a success for the yearbook exam-success
* Saves made on 0.9.3 or earlier will deduct one success from the percentage
if we succeeded on the first seven exams but received the no spells warning.
[ 0.9.4 - patch. ]
+ Linebreak in Minnie's signature on the yearbook for the "I'm sorry we
didn't get to know each other better." version.
* trophy_unlock() and trophy_is_unlocked() will now crash if called without
a valid trophy name.
* Trophies list should now use the correct trophy names when checking if
they're unlocked.
* Sentzukabe now in the correct credits section.
* New bit for not defeating the Big Jelly in the final.
* Bringing in full trophy set.
* Trophy unlock for vines.
* Function for unlocking multiple trophies at once.
* Unlock trophies when we beat exam2 without magic.
* Gas on/off trophies unlocked for beating exam2 normally.
* Exam3 pops magic circle and hole trophies.
* Exam4 pops nomagic trophy if beaten without magic.
* Page buttons added to cheeves gallery.
* Holiday concert chibi centered in gallery pane instead of being fullscreen.
* May Queen chibi CG centered in gallery pane.
* Exam5 no magic and lightning dodged trophies pop.
* Exam6 nomagic trophy added.
* Exam7 sleeping moths trophy added.
[ 0.9.5 - patch. ]
* Credits sequence updated.
* Trophies renamed to be slightly more consistent.
* Trophy unlock notification improved.
* Max merits trophy now unlocks when you get to 50, instead of only unlocking
if you get more merits when you're already at 50.
* Removed the unused x-position field from the trophy notification.
[ 0.9.6 - patch. ]
* Player custom CG saving framework.
* All kiss CGs should now be saved and accessible in the gallery.
* Store yearbook data on graduation.
* Generic array saver cleaned up.
* Save full yearbook data in log.
[ 0.9.7 - patch. ]
+ Fiddling with demo generator config file.
+ demo vendor.rpy updated to specify vendor as 'Demo' rather than 'KS Demo'
* Crash saving yearbook data fixed.
[ - patch. ]
+ More inclusions/exclusions added to the demo generator.
+ Demobuilder now allows exclude-optional rules, which exclude files but
aren't errors if they aren't matched.
+ Demobuilder now reports number of errors when exiting due to errors.
* Demo upsell reworked.
+ lintfilter now supports WolfHallDemo too.
{ - backup pseudover }
* Party styles moved into main dungeon file so game init won't crash in the
* Images for new Luke poses included in demo.
* Include rainbow and skunk hair in demo.
* Don't display the gallery button if we're in the demo, regardless of cheeves.
* Version string now notes when you're in the demo.
{ Experimental demo 0.9 }
* Dialog box falls out on the "I don't have one." line meeting William.
* Dialog box falls out when Minnie knocks on your door on the first Saturday.
* William sprite aligned better in demo.
{ Experimental demo 0.9.1 }
* Dialog box falls out when you go back to your room to rest on the first day,
and after the confetti test talking to Luke & Donald.
* Moved some dungeon screens up before the demo cutoff point, so we can
get arrowboxes and dungeon help without crashing.
{ Experimental demo 0.9.2 }
+ Demo includes purple-hair graphics.
* Credits button on demo upsell (should go to credits on black w/o music)
{ Experimental demo build 0.9.3/windows }
* Should now end after the credits when playing the demo.
* Title screen button back on end-of-demo screen.
{ Experimental demo 0.9.4 }
* Yearbook should now use the demo license key with uploads.
* Minnie's talker sprite moved over a little.
{ Experimental demo build 0.9.5 }
+ Minnie's talker also moved over on the demo.
{ Experimental demo build 0.9.6 }
* Now check to see if the game's a demo in a way independent of the vendor
flag, so demos with Steam integration will still show up as demos.
+ Steam integration: Display Steam store page button.
{ Demo builds 0.9.7 }
* Use is_demo() function to check to see if we should go to the upsell.
{ Demo builds 0.9.8 }
+ Shrunk the project webpage button on Steam, since the field was overflowing.
{ Steam build 4671483 }
+ Include octopus wand in demo.
+ Temporarily unset LD_PRELOAD before opening a web browser under Steam, so
web links shouldn't open an (unusable because it's competing with the
Steam client for each character of input) Lynx session.
+ Exclude some more full-only files from demo: dungeon/{16,64}/ward.png,
formal robe long hair, formal robe shoulder overlay, expelled trophy.
+ Demo should now have 'Demo' in the window title on Steam.
+ .swp file exclusion no longer an error if there are no swap files.
{ 0.9.9 - demo builds, Steam build ID 4673328 }
+ Steam integration code now unsets LD_PRELOAD and LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly
instead of just faffing with them.
{ Steam demo build 4683420 }
* Change pose to match talker when Grabiner expels you after breaking the
portal and giving up in exam5
* Dialog box falls out when Grabiner expels you for too many demerits when
giving up on exam3 or later; when Grabiner expels you for too many demerits
after the Nain Rouge was defeated; when Grabiner expels you for being
defeated by a Purple Glow.
* Change pose to match talker when Grabiner expels you after being killed by
lightning in exam5; when Grabiner expels you after being killed *while*
walking through the portal in exam5; when Grabiner expels you after
damaging the group of Nains Rouges.
[ 0.9.10 - patch. ]
* Damien badend trophy set to expelled.
[ - patch. ]
* Crash uploading yearbook pages when you have negative merits fixed.
* Text added to cheeve list. There are hooks for truncating individual overlog
cheeve names; I could also make it shrink the font for longer cheeves.
[ 0.9.11 - patch ]
* Use 'body' variable instead of the constant string 'body' when displaying
large Minnie and William kiss CGs.
* Now use correct skintone for player CGs in the gallery.
* Shortnames for long trophies.
* Disambiguation tag so translated trophy names can be shortened even if
the original was full-length.
[ 0.9.12 - patch. ]
* If exam6 (frog dungeon) was generated without room for the waypoint, skip
pathfinding to the waypoint. This also skips the moderation graffito.
[ 0.9.13 - patch. ]
* Help button removed from diary screen.
* Girl kiss CGs optimized, now load ~3.5x faster.
[ 0.9.14 - patch. ]
* Hooks for Steam Cloud gallery/yearbook saving.
[ - patch. ]
+ Steam Cloud gallery saving backend in.
{ Steam build }
+ More debugging in Steam Cloud code.
+ Actually put the Steam Cloud gallery backend in Wolf Hall instead of Black
* Return saved utf8 arrays as a block of bytes instead of a list.
* Run insert_gallery later, so it'll hopefully detect Steam cheeves and so
insert the gallery button properly.
[ 0.9.15 - builds ]
+ Fixed typo in Steam integration for CGs.
{ Steam build 4681659 }
[ 0.9.15 - builds ]
* Uploading yearbook pages successfully should now go to yearbook-done.
(Errors should go back to the yearbook page just in case they're correctable
network errors or something)
* A bunch of faffing about trying to reduce render time for boykiss CGs. Then
I benchmarked and determined that actually it's girlkiss CGs being slow.
* Now store thumbnails of girlkiss gallery images in the savedir.
[ 0.9.16 - patch. ]
* Debug messages trimmed.
* Decrufting.
* Damien and William kiss CG thumbs now cached.
* Dungeon tileset selector menu now only shows up if the player isn't in
* Pedestal correctly spelled when it crumbles into ash.
* Fire damage now reported with "The Lava burns the whatever."
* Hooks for Steam transmission of CG unlocks added.
+ CG-unlock stats created in Steam config.
+ Added CG unlocks to Steam side. (Accidentally added to demo rather than
to full)
[ 1.0 - patch. ]
* Calls to cg_unlock() added.
[ 1.0 (again) - patch, builds. Live on Itch 2020 February 17.
Steam build 4683155]
+ CG stats added to the full version of Wolf Hall.
+ Steam integration should now do load-time stat sync without crashing.
{ Steam build 4683190 }
+ Steam integration should now do load-time stat sync without crashing when
the player's userid doesn't have any attached stats in the persistent.
{ Steam build 4683200 }
+ Steam chibi CG unlock check should work correctly.
{ Steam build 4683213 }
+ Steam bigCG unlock check should work correctly with Barbara and Tetronarch
{ Steam build 4683223 }

As we're about to launch, I'm closing up this thread. You can now make separate threads for individual questions/issues instead of having to lump it all in one place.