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Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:08 pm
by Staldice
Really enjoying WH, I have a few stray thoughts so far:

I noticed you deviate slightly between American and British English on occasion; an "honor" here, but "realised" there sort of thing.

During the Minnie route, I noticed that you can ... completely lock yourself out of the route if you respond with 'It was their choice' during your W19 dialogue. Given her motivations, I understand why she'd disagree, but it feels a bit unexpected, especially given you don't know too much about her yet - I was half expecting it to be the fact I ratted her out to Potsdam when I wanted to start cooking club, ha ha.

You did a good job writing Barbara, keeping her dialogue minimal while really hammering out her expressions. ... The mall visit took me completely off guard!

Good to see the return of Big Steve, will enjoy ... getting PTSD from the crane game all over again ;)

I think next up is the Damien route, ...though after he dropped the s-bomb at the dark dance during my William playthrough, I might have to force myself!

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:27 pm
by Staldice
Sorry, I couldn't help myself :lol:

Spoilers for late Minnie's route:

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:37 pm
by Cautious91
Staldice wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:27 pm
Sorry, I couldn't help myself :lol:

Spoilers for late Minnie's route:
:lol: Don't know the context, but love it)) (Внезапно!)

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:32 am
by hanako Patch

* New scenes to Apr 11

* Charm-selected indicator in statbar when a Charm is being worn
* Election Campaign CG on Oct 9.
* New Suki sprite in. This involves twiddling to sprite naming which might cause sprite errors elsewhere.
* Manuel's talker should no longer bounce weirdly between ears-up and other positions.

* Drain Magic desc now clearer that it only targets spellcasters.
* Drain Magic no longer drains from things that are neither alive nor sentient.
* Entering Tutorial 8 now saves the RNG log to <savedir>/tutorial8.rng.log.
* Now include the tutorial 8 RNG log in uploaded tracebacks.
* farsight_target save warning silenced.
* Dig should now refuse to dig through IndestructableWall()s.
* Low/High Shaft Walls no longer movable, so Shockwave won't knock them down holes.
* HighTunnel units (seen at the top of stairs) no longer movable.
* Fixed the bug where clicking rapidly with Farsight up would sometimes crash or lock up the dungeon UI (with the viewpoint stuck in the Farsight proxy but none of the dungeon controls usable.). This introduces a new bug where the direction indicator on the minimap doesn't face the right way during Farsight.
* Minimap direction indicator now correctly updated during Farsight.
* Use hard pauses during Farsight to force the minimap to actually update even if the player clicks too fast.
* Debug messages trimmed.
* Candidate fix for a crash displaying lightning strikes; however, since I couldn't reproduce the crash, I can't verify the fix.
* "The Stairs ARE struck by lightning."

Apr 11 is a Friday, not the Sunday - I couldn't quite get that far and wanted to get this patch up. This week is heaviest for the Ellen and Barbara routes.

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:00 am
by kfc9omg
i don't have any specific feedback, just wanted to say i'm loving the recent updates. barbara's my main squeeze so it's great to find out more about her. can't wait for more

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:13 pm
by EenPersoon
Hi! Only played bits of the Ellen route and most of Minnie's. Their stories are very fun so far. I didn't really have an opinion of Minnie in Horse Hall but she's an interesting character in this game and I like her a lot :D .

A tiny question about the Magical Diary world. Before going Iris Academy, do parents teach their kids spells too? It always made me wonder if born witches and wizards would already know how to cast simple spells like Breeze without needing to be taught by a teacher.

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:51 pm
by hanako
I'm always hesitant to give too many answers outside of actual canon text. :D

We know that human witches and wizards don't have access to their magical powers until they're 13.

We know that wildseeds, specifically, are then contacted by officials and given the Choice, which either makes them forget about magic entirely or restricts them from using magic until they go to school three years later.

I don't think I've ever given any clear details of what happens to born witches and wizards during that three year span. The freshmen don't seem to be starting out way ahead of the wildseeds, but they also sometimes hint at knowing things that aren't taught in any classes. If they learn things at home, it's probably not the same things they learn at school. It's also quite possible that most born witches have their magic locked just like the wildseeds do, and the reason they can sometimes do a few extra things is just because they've been hanging around magic for so long, they have different ideas of what's possible, and they're better at experimenting once they get their magic under control.

WolfPC has clearly been taught things outside of what people learn at Iris Academy, but he's also far from a normal American wizard.

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:12 pm
by EenPersoon
Thank you for your answer, Hanako!

I've continued Ellen's story and I think I found a grammar mistake: Right after spring break, when she talks to WolfPC in his room about Musette, it says "if a echo of a ghost" but it's supposed to "an echo", right?

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:36 am
by hanako
0.7.18 Patch

* New scenes to April 20
* Tweak to the Secret Santa/broke scene, to indicate some students do opt out of the Santa experience.
* 'an echo' on March 30 Ellen scene.
* Now directly track whether you chose the week6 advance. This will also be set on April 5th if you've got allowance debt; if you have a pre-0.7.15 save that was made after the April 5th allowance, you won't get the "Including, to my surprise" line and will just get "my allowance arrives as usual."
* Now correctly track whether we received our first post-debt allowance in week32. Saves made after the April 12th allowance in versions <0.7.17 will just get vanilla allowance text instead of excited allowance text.
* Fixed a crash if you fast-forward through the week32 Musette portal scene.
* Scrubbers for the Musette anim controllers added.
* Level repr now shows subticks.
* Casting spells on yourself now interrupts a dungeon pause even when there's a custom anim. Fixes the bug where casting Longjmp would tell you you cast Longjump, but then wait until you clicked before actually jumping.
* Directional spells with custom anims (Lightning) no longer wait for a click to advance. (It does still wait for red casting to finish.)
* Lightning graphic tweaked, now blue instead of purple/yellow.
* Stairs no longer singular. Non-singular objects now crumble into rubble instead of crumbles-ing into rubble.
* DefeatedFaders no longer physical, so they won't get pushed around by Shockwave.
* Direction-chooser menu (as seen in Dig/Lightning) improved.
* Fiddling with tinting code for side-view mossy walls.
* One of Luke's uniform2 sprites was using the uniform1 base, fixed.
* Removed unused cgs/body-tan.png.
* Fixed a crash that can occur in certain talker errors.
* Improved error reporting for some parse errors on saves/persistent.

Lots of things happening, particularly Luke finally getting to the point, and the potential return of Damien...

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:35 pm
by hanako bugfix

Fixing a character's outfit that was being blocked from uploading for reasons.

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:47 pm
by deathscoming
May I ask how many endings are there for each character? I am genuinely curious about that, is there only one good one and a bad one?

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:30 pm
by hanako
Because this is more of a 'one central plot with optional character relationships' setup than a completely-branching-routes scenario like some visual novels have, there's not really a good answer for that.

The only game "endings" that we know of at this point are completing your school year successfully OR getting sent home early by Grabiner.

Many character routes have "failure states" where you can fail early on and not get any further scenes with that character. But I can't really describe that as a "bad ending" because it doesn't end the game. Some routes might have lots of ways to fail. Some routes might be very difficult to fail. And is continuing a character's route necessarily a good thing?

And if you attend the final Ball with a character, is that "one ending" regardless of all the variables going into it or not? After all, on many character paths you could at least be Romantic or Friendly, which changes a lot of scenes (in a pretty big way on William's route, less so for others).

Most characters aren't going to suddenly dump you at the last minute if you've been following their storyline, because why would they? (Because Angela, that's why. But in her case, you were never that close to begin with.)

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:48 am
by keth
I've noticed when saving and reloading, the game seems to "forget" my personality and the special options stop showing up. In the current game I am playing I was flirty and sporty, and now the flirty and sporty tags aren't showing up when they should, like when you choose anything competitive for sporty, or the option to tell Luke before the Dark Dance that he can bump into you.

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 10:49 am
by hanako
Not sure what you mean. They're saved per-character, so if you're switching to a different save you might not have the same options - or if you loaded from a ways back and made different choices, your personality variables might have been altered. (You can see your current personality setting by looking in the codex.)

If you're still getting weird behavior, try checking the personality mark in the codex before saving, then save, restart, load that save, and look at the codex again. Also, are you getting any error messages?

While it's possible in some circumstances for variables to get lost usually that means that either a particular variable would be broken for everyone, or that your saves should be getting mangled in lots of different ways, since it's just another variable like your red magic score or your romance path or anything else.

Re: Wolf Hall - Development Testing Thread

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 12:39 am
by hanako Patch

* Scenes to Apr 27
* Killer plants CG in. (Spring play)
* Hockey CG in. (Mar 1, if you successfully organised a trip)
* New spellbuttons for the quick-cast bar.

* Blast no longer does shrapnel damage twice to everything in the target's bigcell.
* Bigbutts menu targeter no longer exposes the current compass direction when the player can't see.
* Spells that target a choice of an adjacent bigcell or the current location now use big butts.

* Stop the sound after the slow, sarcastic clapping on week20.
* Luke now also accepts your invite to the hockey game if you went on the dungeon adventure with him.
* Sticky Feet spell-learning scene tweaked.
* Raven should actually star out after you invite her to join book club.
* Transition from some "There are many students in the library, but Minnie is not among them." lines to non-president study cleaned up.
* Barbara kiss CG now unlocks the trophy (and all kiss CGs checked)
* Mar 30 scene no longer returns William to pose2 if we're on a Romance path.
* Apr 14 Luke scene uses Crowd.
* Hide the effect tab when turning down Feb 5 Bingo due to being broke.

* Now delete the 'spell' placeholder variable after initializing the wolfhall spells list; this will cause a crash anywhere where I used 'spell' uninitialized in the module, but that's probably better.
* Darkness now destroys any LightUnits in the current cell.
* Grammar fix when seeing plural objects fall down holes.
* Shockwave should no longer impact Nain(s) Rouge(s) and other magic-immune units.
* Thing/Direction spells should now check for magic-immunity.
* Nichecell selector no longer defaults to thing=thing. How would that even WORK?)
* No longer double-deduct casting cost in QueuedCastAt. (Once when checking for fizzle, then again before casting the spell, oops...). Note that this means Loveland Frog will no longer run out of MP quite as fast, though IIRC the only QueuedCastAt spell it has is Light.
* Trying to teleport the Floor should now give a bigcell teleporter.
* Show the background in known-cell targeter.
* When issuing commands, no longer show wall facet buttons for walls that aren't available.
* Wrong Way traps now ignore qualia with fluff text but no event items (Fixes a getitem crash if you Telepyre 'em.)
* Now announce queued spellcasting events again. This should also tell you when the Loveland Frog casts a spell.
* Spelling of 'canceled' consistent in code.
* Monster movement now displays the 'leaves to the' variant even if you're in a niche when the movement occurs, thus getting rid of a bug where "The Loveland Frog arrives from the [direction]" when it's moved AWAY from us.
* Triggering the Purple Glow should now actually silence it.
* Monsters now default to being smellable. Fixes the bug where the Loveland Frog doesn't leave scent trails.
* Crash casting two-thing spells on floors fixed.
* Shape Stone works properly again.
* Shape Stone gives the correct error message reshaping a Floor.
* Shape Stone should give the Horse Hall message when reshaping an Abyss.
* Now show an error message instead of crashing if an exception occurs drawing a SkewWallHGrad or SkewWall.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when rendering a bigcell that has a wall_textures override - e.g. InvulnerableWall bigcells.
* Crash displaying indestructable walls in niche cells fixed.
* Wall description handling changed so invulnerable walls are now visually different too.
* Store the RNG log for tutorial8 dungeon generation in saves, so when we get a "WTF was that dungeon?" error we can inspect it.
* The Bladen Beast now bites instead of clawing if it's got Sticky Feet.
* QueuedMetabolism timers no longer go off if the unit isn't in the level that the timer is attached to. Should fix a crash when you drop a Patrol Dummy down a hole; it's likely that this crash also manifested with other monsters removed from level occasionally.
+ Automatic backup script now backs up the modules/ and os/C/ directories too.
+ Copy in the Linux from

There's a lot of bugfixing in there, so size based on how much you probably care about it. :lol:

This should bring the plot up to end on Sunday Evening, April 27th. This leaves only the Final Exam and the May Day Ball to come before the first run of the plot is complete.
The final exam is written but not yet scripted. I am in the middle of writing May Day Ball scenes at the moment.

By Apr 27th you should know who you are or aren't attending the ball with. There's also some major new mechanics introduced on the final weekend to give you practice before the final. While I have tested and adjusted many things I'm sure there are going to be interactions I haven't thought of, please let me know if it catches fire!