Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

Male protagonist, in the Hall for bold and athletic boys.
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Re: Wolf Hall Magical Diary

#286 Post by lolopink » Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:30 pm

Mystic Cake wrote:
lolopink wrote:I want to see romances like
Maybe a gay character like (embarrassing)
*Big steve?

Thanks :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
But why bother to make a sequel if you're just going to end up doing the same character routes as the first? We've already got romances for Virginia and Ellen, and also Big Steve to a lesser extent, so why do it again? Isn't the point of a sequel to expand upon the first, not just do the exact same thing again but with a male main character?

I'm not saying that including Virginia and Ellen would be a BAD thing, but I just feel that romance with them in Wolf Hall would... really bring nothing new, pretty much a retread of the romances in Horse Hall...

On the other hand, I'm all for the rest of them... except Kyo, because based on how his relationship with Minnie went in Horse Hall... ehhhhh, I'd rather not try anything with that minefield of a man.And personally I preferred Luke over Logan, but that's just me :)
Also, I'd include William and Angela. Because William is William and William is wonderful (and we know he doesn't like girls after Angela poisoned him off of them, sooooo maybe?), and Angela because, much like Damien, I'm up for the challenge! :D
Not that it really matters what I say at this point, I'm sure Hanako's got it all figured out XD
Yea I mean they've probably already figured the details out and BTW I was deciding over Luke or Logan so I just chose at random :P

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#287 Post by MintChoco » Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:24 pm

Honestly, I wouldn't even consider Kyo. He was so emotionally (and possibly physically) abusive that it sounds like a bad idea. I had a hard enough time watching Minnie date the guy, seeing my own character deal with him would be awful.

On the flip side, however, Big Steve as a BxB option at some point would totally make my day! He's seriously one of my favorite characters ever, and seeing his new character sprite makes me like him even more!

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#288 Post by snugglethepanda » Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:23 am

Sending love to Sanako Games!

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#289 Post by Bombermans » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:43 pm

OMG SO MUCH SPRITES. I shall comment them all!!

I really do like the new art style, although some of the characters I do think they have lost some of their charisma. Specially Ellen, who is not cute anymore but normal, Grabinier, who now looks like a sporty man and does not look like a slim studious magician anymore, and Postdam, who now does not look anymore like a sexy-old-woman-who-rejuvenates-herself-and-is-scary-because-she-is-sexy-but-could-have-the-age-of-your-grandma. (Now she looks like a normal old woman who dyes her hair XD)
  • I LOVE the new look of Minney! She's now sooooo cute! <3
    The new Damien looks funny, because HIS FACE. He looks totally like the naughty demon he is, hahaha! :D
  • The new Grabinier looks really awful to me :( He doesn't look like Snape anymore (which, we all have to admit, is the reason we love him so much e.e). He looks less than a magician and more like a strong big man, who raises bulky wood boxes with his hands rather than his magic. In my opinion, he lost all of his charisma with the change, he's not a slim teacher anymore, now he is a Rambo.
  • The same thing happens with Postdam: she does not look anymore like the 'sexy, yet old' teacher that every school has, where students make dirty jokes about her. She now just looks like an old normal woman who teaches his students. She doesn't even look that she preserves her youth with magic! Now it only looks like she dyes her hair. o.O
  • William did have a major change too, but I think it suits him well, since he is older than the main PC. AND KYO'S FACE! HAHAHA! Suits him well!
    I like the girl with the key earring! Don't have a clue on who she is, though. O.O (Yeah, I read her name, but don't remember having met someone like her in Horse Hall! XD [maybe that girl that Damien mentioned in his route?]
  • I REALLY, REALLY LOVE THAT NEW PASTEL!! <3 Also, Luke and Logan's capes are so cool... Where did they buy them?! I want three!
  • BIG STEVE LOL. His face! Hahaha! :lol: I agree with the smooth criminal look of Jacob. {The picture with the hat XDDDDDD}. Angela looks really great! I also wish that if Angela is romanceable, she'll end up likeable! XD She was a funny and interesting character the last game, although we hear little from her.
  • Donald looks to me a bit older/taller than he should, since he was always seen to be so inmature, young and full of life. Though in the new style he conserves a bit of his spirit, we can see it just by looking at his happy face! XDD Loving his grin face! The only thing I don't like about this Virginia is her face expression... she needs a grin like his brother! XD
  • Raven looks really nice and unique! Can't wait to see if we can learn more about her [striked]evil schemes[/striked]! Suki's glasses are LOL. We should be able to buy some for ourselves XD And [striked]Tails[/striked] Manuel is so adorable!
  • I also like the three last sprites, though I have no idea of who they may be. I specially love the third one! Her freckles make her sooooo cute!
In conclusion: I love the new art. But I definitely think that Grabinier, Postdam and Ellen have lost all of her charisma, and that their designs are not true to the first game nor the spirit of the characters.

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#290 Post by Monochrome » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:38 pm

I really like all the new sprites ^_^
It's kind of less, 'cartoony' than the last one but still similar.
I thought I might put my 5 cents on how the characters look, I couldn't resist commenting!

Ellen - Ellen looks more normal than cute in her sprite, but she still looks nice!
Minny - ^^ She looks adorable! I can se why Kyo was
Damien - Damien looks great! I'm glad he's going to be romanceable in Wolf Hall :)
Grabby - Hit and miss with him, he doesn't resemble Snape much at all, and I would rather him being on the slim side than buff.
Potsdam - I actually really like her, she seems more middle aged than grandma aged in the sprite, and I would rather her looking like this than what she originally did if she were a romanceable character.
Kyo - Love his facial expression, and I'm glad he looks a lot less girly in this art form.
Barbara - Barbara looks nice, and those key earings hint at the eccentricness that got her put in Snake hall
William - William, like Kyo looks a lot less girly here and more older brotherish which is really nice.
Pastel - Pastel, as always, is lovely as ever and still holds my heart out of the girls :P
Luke - Luke looks adorable and mischevious, perfect for Wolf Hall!
Logan - Could luke and Logan please be romanceable? Mayhaps together? *Grins*
Jacob - Jacob looks like the kind of person that usually ends up in trouble, only to talk his way out of it :)
Angela - Angel looks like a Tsundere, I really hope that if she's romanceable that she turns out likeable!
Big Steve - Yay! Big Steve! *Dances*
Donald - Adorable, maybe a little bit on the tall side, but adorable.
Balthazar - Poor Balthazar, if only we knew what you looked like under that mysterious hood...
Virginia - Pretty much perfect, She just looks.... Small? Compared to the other sprites/characters.
Raven - What are you planning..... Hmmmm? She looks cute, in an evil, I wonder what she's planning way.
Manuel - Manuel! *Glomps* PLEASE! PLEASE! Make Manuel romanceable, he looks so cute! And his ears and tail are adorable, but I wonder if they're real...
Suki - Those glasses make her look like a superheroe, or a supervillian...
Corrina? - She looks pretty, are we going to get to see more of here in this game?
Taranis? - Mmmm, hot. If he was part of Wolf Hall I would of asked if he could be one of Pc's dorm mates. But since he's a toady...
Unknown - I like her hair, and her eyes + freckles.

I really like the new art, and definitely looking forward to Wolf Hall. I really hope we get Manuel as a romanceable option though :) If not, can he be romanceable if you make another game?

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#291 Post by HienFan » Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:34 pm

Art is better this time, less bishie.

I doubt it's gonna happen but I'd like Donald as romance option, roomate Yaoi with the normal nice kid yay

I... don't really like Damien so if Donald is available it will make my day

If not, guess it's Fanfiction time

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#292 Post by yinello » Tue Oct 08, 2013 5:36 pm

I do hope we get to properly romance either Big Steve or Pastel (or both!) because dang I wanted that in Horse Hall!

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#293 Post by Ikezawa » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:48 am

Monochrome wrote:Manuel - Manuel! *Glomps* PLEASE! PLEASE! Make Manuel romanceable, he looks so cute! And his ears and tail are adorable, but I wonder if they're real...
Backing this one up. I don't normally go for hetero romances, but the moment I saw Manuel in the first game I was looking everywhere for a chance to interact with him, and all I got was the scene where he shows up at the doorstep selling snacks. He was very... puppy-like. Having a shot with him in Wolf Hall could probably make the graduation dance the most adorable thing ever, though I say that without having gone through much of the Big Steve content.

Donald's a pretty cool guy. It should be interesting to see what shenanigans he'll be up to without Horse Protagonist being there to encourage him to join the theatre. Then again, his two siblings are pretty cool too. I'm actually a bit curious to see how Angela got William to swear off girls, but Damien couldn't get him to swear off guys.

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#294 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:47 am

Ikezawa wrote:I'm actually a bit curious to see how Angela got William to swear off girls, but Damien couldn't get him to swear off guys.
I suspect that that has more to do with the fact that Virginia doesn't think William's feelings about dating guys have anything to do with Ellen's chances with him than with Angela actually being that much worse than Damien.


Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#295 Post by Cheratomo » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:52 pm

A romance with Kyo, and Jacob, and mysterious blonde guy in the last post...

Let's be honest, if you make a romance, I'll play it through. Although I didn't like Virginia's romance very much in HH, even though I love her character. It seemed comparatively boring, I guess. That's just me, though. I like romances that put the characters in extreme situations, so we can see what their mental process is like while they're going through these things, and we can see what choices we would make in these crazy situations. Maybe that explains why I think Kyo would be fun to play. I want to know what it would be like if my protagonist gave into his crazy and stood up to it, and how he'd react.

(My other favorite romance was Grabiner, because GRABBBYYYYYYY. But also because, again, there were really Fantastic circumstances, and they were something I hadn't seen before in an otome and I felt like it took some real maneuvering and character/personality-guessing to woo him.)

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#296 Post by yinello » Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:23 pm

Play all the romances!

If I had to pick 5 besides the ones in Horse Hall, I would totally go for Pastel, Raven, Minnie, Luke/Logan and William. Additionals (like Big Steve) could be Manuel and/or Suki.

I also hope we get to learn more about Musette and about mixing Science with Magic!

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#297 Post by Bunni89 » Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:35 pm

((Sorry to jump in here as my first post, I've been a long time lurker..))

Wow, I love the new sprites! I really like how now everyone's got way more character! Even the ones who still look very similar are just so more identifiable and real because they're not just drawn over the same base. The old art style was great and it was nice to see so much variety made from the character generator but now everyone's got thier own unique facial expressions, different heights and weights and poses, so on. It's just so much more endearing!

A slight bit of squee is approaching!!

New Big Steve = the best anything ever. He was already pure adorb and now he's even more amazing! The bigger floofier afro suits him much better and DAT FACE xD If he's not a yaoi romance option then I'll cry!
New Luke and Logan are even better because... they actually look more similar? XD I mean, before, everyone had the same body base, roughly speaking. So the few differences stood out way more. Now it's the opposite, physically they look identical (while noone else does) but thier bases are different. They're like the same guy with personality differences!
New loopy peoples = yay, does this mean that the snakes and toads are gonna get more of a feature in this game? Suki and Balthasar were my fave tiny NPC roles cos they're just so funny! And now Suki looks like an anime mecha superhero o.O "THIS IS THE WAND THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!"
New William is HUGE. Someone's been eating thier greens! I hope he's romanceable, he's even more of the smexy dude now!
New Kyo looks more like a creeper but I kinda miss him having really huge chibi-esque eyes. It was sort of his thing... he felt more unhinged as a baby-faced dude who seems innocent but can then snap into a crazy misogynist rant about how he hates Minnie and loves her at the same time...
New Grabiner... I like the design but it looks nothing like him. It just weirds me out.. he looks like a totally new character cosplaying as Grabby! I know everyone looked pretty thin and bishie in the first game but you got the sense that Grabby was a spindly intellectual type character, and now he's the buffest cast member o.O It doesn't fit his personality to be so buff. I'm just imagining him like... playing instruments VERY ANGRILY with his power muscle hands, and then throwing students across the room if they back-sass him XD It just seems like a shame, lots of fans loved Grabby when he wasn't stereotypically attractive so I'm not sure why he needed this change.
New Potsdam... her eyes bug me for some reason. I don't know why.. I just guess because they look a bit more realistic than everyone else's? But aside from that she's awesomely chubby cute and it's nice to see her looking her age instead of having a teenlike body. She looks more warm and welcoming like she's gonna hug all the students TO DEATH~
New Ellen... I need to romance her! *full-on sparkling anime eyes* She doesn't have as much of her epic nerd sass in that expression but then again her default expression was pretty plain in the original too. But I'm so happy my fave character is even more awesome-looking!!

Overall, everything looks like it's gonna be way better than Horse Hall and I'm so excited I think I'm gonna explode!! Good job, Hanako!

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#298 Post by snugglethepanda » Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:26 pm

Anyone know the release date? my pc is broke and using my phone so i can veiw past post properly (crap phone lol)

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#299 Post by FantasyFan » Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:28 pm

I don't think there IS a release date yet.

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Re: Sequel Talk - Magical Diary Wolf Hall

#300 Post by Jambatti » Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:17 pm

Have smth to say about the new art of characters...

In my opinion, the most of boys look better in new shape, but the girls....

For god's sake, what have you done to Angela?? In original game, i really liked her - that boyish short hair, sharp face profile - i can easily imagine her german accent. It was very bright shape. And ordinary "secondary" girl, no personal differences from other in looks, ordinary hairdo and absolytely dull face.
And most of other girl walk the same path in the sequel.
Raven, Suki...QQ.
Only Victoria haven't change at all.