The necklace (spoilers)

Newly arrived from India, Sara Crewe must make friends at a British boarding school. A light-yuri simulation game based on the classic novel.
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The necklace (spoilers)

#1 Post by Mystic Ame » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:28 am

In Jessie's route, Sara is given a necklace by Jessie, only for it to be taken away by Miss Minchkin because Lavinia said that a necklace was stolen from her... It's assumed that Lavinia found out about Jessie giving the necklace to Sara and told Miss Minchkin because she was jealous.
In Lavinia's route however, Sara finds a necklace lost behind Lavinia's drawers...
Does this mean that Lavinia was actually looking for her lost necklace and not trying to steal Jessie's necklace from Sara?

I just thought of the idea now so maybe there are details in the text that make it more or less likely that I've forgotten...

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