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1.2.31 beta

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:57 am
by Spiky Caterpillar
Changes since 1.2.26:

Crash fixes:
* Crash successfully guarding in the seance secret society case when the leader is suspended fixed.
* Crash harassing girls who are trying to commune with ghosts in the auditorium fixed.
* Crash gossipping with a girl who was faking a haunting fixed.
* Students who had no prior case will no longer be added to the steam tunnels case. I'm not sure how students with no prior case were leaking in in the first place, though, so the underlying bug may not be fixed.
* A crash starting the Steam version from outside Steam fixed.
* Crash expelling the sparkly girl in one of the Halloween cases fixed.
* A crash staking out the auditorium in a faked haunting fixed.

Other bugfixes:
* A bug where tristate results would log all true results as successes (so too close to call would log as a failure, success would log as success, and a *complete failure* would also log as success) fixed. This affected logging in the steam tunnels case.
* Correctly interpolate the baked goods in custom minion mode when one of your minions bakes something the other minion didn't like.
* If a girl is deliberatebly scattering trash around, repeat scatterings will now show up in the log.

* The tutorial will now give some feedback when you cancel your question assignment (on account of my seeing a playtester repeatedly cancelling Question)

Loadsave tweaks:
* no longer leak oldumask into saves. (Saves made before 1.2.28 that had oldumask set will still warn)
* A bug that could cause the school library and the city library to conflict with each other, which would confuse the game if it tried to load a case where a girl had run away and the (city) library was searchable has been fixed.
* 'Unhandled data in save game' message now slightly more readable.
* Saves containing _return set to True no longer warn.

Behind the scenes:
* A little code cleanup.
* A few more SteamAPI bindings wedged in.

Re: 1.2.31 beta

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:42 am
by Spiky Caterpillar
Update: 1.2.31 is officially stable.