Guide to Cheating (changing reputation, karma and more)

Solve mysteries by ordering your Student Council minions into investigations. A schoolgirl noir RPG-style adventure!
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Guide to Cheating (changing reputation, karma and more)

#1 Post by kvackkvack » Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:15 am

Press SHIFT and O to bring up the cool hidden console that barely anyone knows about.
To set Reputation to something, write in

Code: Select all

reputation = ___
It's the same for council karma, only it's "karma" instead of "reputation" in the code.
For girls' stats, things get a bit more complicated. If I wanted to change Thais's Social skill, for example, I'd type in this:

Code: Select all = ___
This works the same for all girls and stats, just change "thais" to another girls name and "charm" to another stat.
Keep in mind the underscore after every girls' name, if you don't keep that in it won't work.
Skills are Social, Intimidation, Stealth and Observation.
To set the training points to a certain value, do

Code: Select all

training_room.total_points = ___
That's all I've found so far! :P
EDIT: Oh, and changing loyalty works the same way as skills: just replace the skill with "loyalty".

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Re: Guide to Cheating (changing reputation, karma and more)

#2 Post by Coga » Sat Jan 09, 2016 9:48 pm

Will this disable achievements on Steam? I'm askign for a friend, name of... Otnay Ogacay.

He's, uh... Algonquin.

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Re: Guide to Cheating (changing reputation, karma and more)

#3 Post by TB74 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:33 pm

By the way, the cheats work on the Mac version too, except that you end up with a small bug during the weekends.

After you visited two of your minions, the screen goes grey and a message appears, stating that there was an error recording the save game because of a mismatch in the files (which reads like of the values you changed using the cheat codes), and that the saved game might not load properly. All you need to do to get by this is to click on one of the two buttons at the bottom of the screen, the one that says you're okay with that. The screen then returns to its normal appearance and the game continues, but your auto save is worthless if you need to go back in time for some reason.

It seems to affect the automatic saved games only, however. Manual saving still works—at least, it worked for me.

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