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1.2.16 patch in beta - changelog inside

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:54 pm
by Spiky Caterpillar
Crash fixes:

* Some load crashes have been fixed, though the saves that caused them are rather strange and I'm not sure how they were created. If you get any weird saves that just dump you on the title screen when loaded or the like, let me know how you made them?
* game_log() should no longer crash when year/month/day are undefined. I'm... not really sure how that particular crash happened, I can't reproduce it.
* A crash harassing the good student in one of the "A Struggling Student" variants has been fixed.

Plot fixes:
* The "Suspicious Similarity" variant where a girl is selling papers is now easier to solve.

Other changes:
* The Steam version saves CG unlocks to your Steam account properly. (It always was supposed to, but there was a bug in the code that kept 'em from syncing.)
* Several load/save warnings have been fixed. The updater_target_version warning will no longer be generated in new saves.
* "Don't know you know all those things about me?" typo talking to Vonne fixed.
* Minor spacing fixes.
* The custom councillor directory is created automatically when you start a custom campaign now. (Previously the directory wasn't created until you edited a councillor, which could wind up confusing players who were trying to figure out where to put their custom images.)
* 'Download complete' notice after installing GPG no longer says 'Debug:'

Behind the scenes:
* Some of the code's been cleaned up a little; there are a few fewer debug messages on the console when gossipping; translation hooks added to the logging for the slave offering case.