Plot Case Endings? *Spoilers*

Solve mysteries by ordering your Student Council minions into investigations. A schoolgirl noir RPG-style adventure!
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Plot Case Endings? *Spoilers*

#1 Post by Tressimir » Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:20 am

Thought this was interesting, since nothing I read here, anywhere else or saw on the few Youtube playthroughs of this game mentioned it; do the plot cases have variants in a similar vein to the random ones? In particular, I was working on the Steam Tunnels and ended up failing it due to having gambling rings, secret societies and organized cheating all spring up at the same time. From what I'd seen the failure resolution was having drug smugglers escape into the campus during a confrontation with the police but instead of the noise messages that gives you as it gets closer to the deadline, I got reports of noises from below giving people nightmares, Rowan missing for a day due to her losing sleep from said nightmares, Elsa referring to headaches in the start-of-day reports, and finally Elsa having a nightmare of the tunnels that ended with her sleepwalking, smashing her bathroom mirror and being kicked off the council, I can only assume from going utterly insane. I only got the game about three days ago, so is this a new thing? And if so, has anyone else gotten it and do any of the other plot cases have variants like that? Because even for St. Claudine's, that was weird.

Also loving the game, enough so that I cobbled together my own guide from info here on the forums and the two playthroughs beforehand where my reputation tanked. Thanks Hanako for making this thing.

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Re: Plot Case Endings? *Spoilers*

#2 Post by Darksilverhawk » Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:45 pm

There are indeed a few different variants for the steam tunnels- off the top of my head, you've got the drug smugglers, you can have illegally dumped chemicals, and you can have some weird animal sacrificing cult thing. All of these do have different resolutions and failure texts, and it's always been in the game like that. Unlike other case variations, though, they are mechanically identical in what you need to solve them- the only differences lie in the flavor text and what bonuses if any you get from beating them.

The identity and motivations of the traitor's contact are similarly randomized; again, solving it is mechanically identical with the exception of where you need to make the final check. That's about it, though. Talmage's motivations are always the same, lockbox and statue guarding are always the same, and the special cases you can get from your minions are the same every time.

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Re: Plot Case Endings? *Spoilers*

#3 Post by bookworm37 » Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:12 am

Yep, I got that variant a few days back when I got bombarded with some major cases that tied me up for too long. It took me by surprise at first too.

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