Beta 1.2.13 up for testing

Solve mysteries by ordering your Student Council minions into investigations. A schoolgirl noir RPG-style adventure!
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Beta 1.2.13 up for testing

#1 Post by Spiky Caterpillar » Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:15 am

* A bug that caused it to save extra data that, in turn, triggered a warning message about 'binfn', 'binpath', and 'wrote' has been fixed. Note that you can safely ignore the warning (whether you're using the beta or the stable), it's just annoying. Note also that the fix only stops it from saving extra data in *new* saves; old saves containing the warning will still warn.

* The game should be less likely to leave the 'Vandalised?' marker up on locations that were previously vandalised when starting a new case. Note that this fix will only show up if you closed the vandalism case in 1.2.13 or higher; however, the 'Vandalised' tag should be entirely cosmetic.

* The debug message reporting emotion changes in custom minion mode should be removed.

* The current version number will now show up in the corner of the preferences screen on Steam (since the direct updater is disabled if you're getting updates through Steam)