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Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:49 pm
by hanako
(standard explanation - this is to help track down any problems with scenes showing up, not intended as a guide for new players. I'm not giving a full guide to all the +/- points you can earn with her, either.)

Thaïs has extra variations at the beginning of her route depending on how you got there. These become less important later on.

The four possibilities are - She was the mole and you expelled Althea, she was the mole and you didn't expel Althea, Althea was the mole and you expelled her, and neither of them was the mole at all.

On the day when you have to choose who to expel and who to pick as Queen:

If she was the mole and you expelled Althea, you can wreck this route completely after selecting her as Queen by
"You don't look happy" -> "She was holding you back". This should prevent her route from continuing and stop her from giving you the contact information. (And possibly end the game at the harvest festival. I can't remember. I need to test these again.)

You can also kill her path early on if she was the mole and you did not expel Althea, by choosing:
"Because I like you" -> "You're a pretty girl" (Same as before, this may end badly.)

If neither was the mole, "You're a pretty girl" will lower her loyalty.

If she was the mole and you expelled Althea, Thais should be absent around Nov 1st-2nd because she's not feeling well.

After the Harvest Festival (if you haven't gameovered), if her loyalty is under 35 she will refuse to go to the carnival with you and her path ends. You get different conversations with her here based on the path variant.

After the carnival, if she was the mole, and you expelled Althea, she shows up on Nov 8th to complain about her sister.

She visits you on Nov 12th, where you might ask her to lunch or tell her about teh Red Mask.

Around Nov 23rd she shows up to complain about some girl having a crush on Althea.

If Vonne is still at the school and the Red Mask has not removed THais, Vonne will show up around Nov 29th to warn Elsa away from Thais.

If you had the earlier conversation with Vonne, on Dec 17th you have the option to visit either Vonne or Thais to talk about your college problem.

On Jan 6th, Thais offers you her unwanted christmas present.

On Jan 23rd, Thais talks about Chinese New Year and invites you to watch skating with her. Refusing drops her loyalty and ends her path. The skate date happens on the 28th, and then she visits again on the 31st to talk about the results.

On Feb 6th, a package arrives for her.

On Feb 21st, she talks about Mardi Gras and fashion.

On Feb 25th, if you have enough points with her, she invites you to try on clothes. Refusing because it's scandalous stops most later events from happening, but doesn't actually end her path, so you may still get the final part.

If you did the fashion thing, then on Feb 27th either Vonne or Althea (if Vonne's been expelled) will show up to scold you about the rumors and point out that Thais is underage. This starts the special case dealing with the rumors.

If you had the rumors case, Thais comes by on March 3rd to talk about it. If you successfully closed the case and killed the rumors, she says that she'll stay away from you more to avoid further rumors. If you made a mess of the case and got the 'fail' ending (which happens if you harass Zoe's friends before you neutralise Zoe) then Thais is angry with you and says she doesn't need your help. But if you ignored the rumors case entirely and let it time out, she'll ask if you really do feel that way about her.

If you have a high amount of points with her, on March 24th she'll bring you a present.

Re: Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:57 am
by somestrangecircus
For some reason, expelling a student that wasn't the mole never once occurred to me.

Re: Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:09 am
by hanako
Well, in any other circumstance it's a completely stupid thing to do. It only makes sense if Thais was the mole and asked you to do it.

Re: Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:12 am
by somestrangecircus
Ohhhh, okay. I was starting to think I was too moral for this game, seeing how I also refuse to mistreat Rowan for 100% completion. (Although it doesn't help that I can never ever get her as the traitor.)

Re: Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:18 am
by Darksilverhawk
With Thaïs as the mole and Althea scapegoated Thaïs is stated to be out due to an illness on Nov 1st and 2nd but has always shown up for assignments anyway. Bug?

Re: Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:43 pm
by Gamer
How do I get to romance Thaïs? Nothing really happens when I play her route.

Re: Thaïs Route Scene Guide (massive spoilers)

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:57 pm
by somestrangecircus
Define what you mean, exactly? You don't get a full-blown romance with her exactly, because she's a minor. That's just how her route goes. But I believe you can score a kiss if you play your cards right?