Mallory Route scene guide (massive spoilers)

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Mallory Route scene guide (massive spoilers)

#1 Post by hanako » Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:55 am

Continuing to dump detailed explanations of the things that are expected to happen, so that people can look for bugs and lost scenes. Not intended as a walkthrough.

Mallory's pretty friendly, and you can easily get her CGs and finish her path without having to worry too much about what you say to her. (Again, there are point values, but I don't want to list all the ups and downs right now) Trying to be anything more than friends with her, though, is hazardous.

If you tell Mallory that you picked her for Queen just because she's cute (only available if she wasn't the mole) her loyalty may drop. Awkward.

If Mallory's loyalty is less than 35, she will refuse to attend the carnival with you and her path will end there. Treating her like a child at the carnival will tend to lose points. Don't scold, you're not her mother. Relax and have fun.

Any time between Nov 7th and Dec 14th, if you solve the mole case and get the special assembly and karma bonus and all that, Mallory will come by to suggest that the Council throw a party, which will happen the next Saturday.

On Nov 8th, Mallory will show up to ask your advice about the laundry. You can tell her about the Red Mask here (but don't tell her and THEN tell her not to worry). On her way out, she'll bump into either Althea or Vonne, depending on availability. A few days later, whichever girl it was should come to your office to talk about Mallory and the possibility of your interest in her.

On the next Sunday (probably the 13th) Mallory arrives to tell you that she is NOT GAY, and explain about Brian.

Around Nov 25th, she'll come by to give you a Thanksgiving card.

On Dec 6th, on either Mallory or Thais's path, you'll see the two of them having a confrontation, and get some followup dialogue with whichever girl you're on the path for.

On Dec 18th, if the Red Mask didn't make her sick, she'll come by to steal your luck for finals.

On Jan 6th, she'll tell you about Brian and her Christmas back home. She may storm out of the room if you tell her it's a good thing and make her angry. Otherwise, you may get hugs.

If Mallory stormed out of the room, she'll apologise on the 9th or 10th.

If you have not yet found the steam tunnel entrance, on January 13th (Friday the 13th) Mallory comes by to talk about mystery tunnels, and to steal another hug.

On the 17th, Mallory will wander by because she's... frustrated. (It's possible to suggest that she get Althea to help her with that, and make Mallory mad enough to storm out of the room again. This loses a lot of points with her though. Only works if Althea told you earlier that she thinks Mallory is cute.)

On the 24th, if you have points with her, Mallory will invite you to the museum. If you turn her down (for any reason other than hating spiders) and your overall point score is not high, her path will stop at this point.

The museum trip happens on Feb 4th. Depending on dialog, this ends in one of three ways - she gives you a friendly hug, she goes back with you but seems awkward, or she leaves on her own. If she leaves on her own, her path ends here, because she's avoiding you from now on.

If you're still on Mallory's path and Vonne is still at the school, she will come by on Feb 13th to give you a birthday present. Mallory interrupts with a card, and Vonne warns you that Mallory is a minor and you can't touch her. If Vonne's been expelled, then only Mallory shows up with a card, and the next day THais drops by to randomly point out that Mallory is jailbait. One way or the other you should get this information here!

If you got the 'awkward' ending to the museum date, Mallory will visit on Feb 17th to clear the air. You either decide to be cuddlefriends, or you end her path, or you end her path AND lose loyalty.

If you're still on her path, around Feb 29th she comes to invite you to a party. (Slightly different dialog if she acn't make it on Leap Day due to absence.) The party itself happens on Mar 3rd.

If you're still on her path and have points with her, she'll visit on Mar 21st to talk about the election (and Brian), and again on Mar 31 to be congratulated. (And you can pry into her relationship with Vonne, if you like)

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